Product Updates

This week, one of our partners, QNAP, issued a security advisory warning of a Linux exploit called “Dirty Pipe” that can be used to compromise its products.

We want to assure customers that Solink has reviewed the advisory and determined that our current controls mitigate the attack vector in-question. Assuming standard firewall configuration, Solink customers are not at risk and there is no action required. Solink’s on-device firmware prevents exposure from the dirty pipe vulnerability.

This latest news underscores the urgency of our commitment to security. Solink uses industry-leading security and compliance best-practices to provide our customers with a reliable and secure platform without compromise

All of us at Solink understand the trust placed in our products. Our intent with being open and transparent is to demonstrate that your trust in Solink is well-founded.

If you have any questions regarding security, please email us at at any time.