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Success Story Video

Carl’s Jr. owner monitors what’s happening in their restaurants with Solink

March 3, 2022
A man in a blue blazer standing in front of a building.

Jay Hafemeister, a Partner of JH Foods in Colorado Springs and owner of multiple Carl’s Jr. franchises, was looking for an all-in-one video solution for the Carl’s Jr. restaurants he owns with his father.

“For us, we were trying to find that one vendor that we could use to aggregate all of our video feeds together, for all of our restaurants.”

He found it with Solink.

“Solink is video integration software that we use to better manage and monitor what’s taking place inside our restaurants.”

Jay has now been using Solink for about 18 months. It’s changed the way he uses cameras, which has benefitted every facet of the business.

The ease of use and training are key selling points for Jay. Solink is easy for anyone to learn, so store managers quickly jump into the Solink platform when it is introduced.

See how Solink helps improve your restaurant’s efficiency.

"I think having one standalone platform, for us to be able to look at our sales data, our audits, our camera feeds. I think having that seamless application for us to be able to pull it up. To have district managers are easily able to use it. My father is able to easily log into the cameras and check on the sites. It's something where you can turn over the technology to anyone, and they can seamlessly look at it, transition between sites, and find any of the information that they want inside the platform."

carl's jr video testimonial pos transactionHaving new features, for free, coming online regularly and then the ongoing training to learn how to use them is something special. This attitude is why Jay sees Solink as a partner and not just another technology tool.

“Solink’s been a partner for us. Solink’s provided us with the tools that we need to grow our business, to have a more profitable business, and to be a safer business for our employees. Solink’s been a great partner for us.”

Jay is currently rolling out Solink at more of his sites and new restaurants as they come online. He’s excited to see what new features Solink is going to release over the coming months and years!