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Solink’s cloud security system provides Five Guys with actionable insight

April 18, 2021

Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with Aubert Prevost, President of Koeppel Companies-a corporation that owns and operates the Five Guys locations of Eastern Canada.

Aubert talked with us about how Five Guys adopted Solink and where that journey has led. We met up with Aubert at his Hunt Club location in Ottawa to ask a few questions and record some video. Here’s what Five Guys had to say about Solink’s cloud video surveillance system:

AUBERT: We heard about Solink about a year and a half ago when we were upgrading our security system in our stores. We were looking to upgrade the system as part of our crew and asset protection, with something that was easy for everyone to use.

We met Matt, our rep at Solink, and he showed us how easy the Solink system is to use. We could see right away that these were the tools we needed, but really we got way more than we expected. This went beyond a security system.

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AUBERT: We found that Solink gave us deep insight into a huge number of variables; and in the restaurant industry we have tons of variables! How we get deliveries, who goes in and out, customer interactions, the crew starting early and leaving late…We needed to upgrade the good ol’ DVR to something that would make it safer for our crews, yes, but what we found was the Solink would help us make smart business decisions in many areas, even around deliveries and food waste.

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AUBERT: Making sure that our crew has a safe environment, and that our customers are safe as well, is so important. But we also like to see where we can spot variables or loopholes in our costs. By using Solink in just this last while, it really helped us sharpen our pencil, and gave us some wins and help us become a smart business.

AUBERT: When we tested Solink in store, it was a slam dunk. The setup was easy and worked with our existing POS system. We got to review weekly what Solink was showing but we took it step by step, because there’s so much you can do with Solink, we took our time learning it all. As the weeks went by, the excitement was building. Our store manager would proactively contact me and say, “Hey, look at this, look what I noticed.” Our rep from Solink was great and adapted the system to our needs.

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AUBERT: We were impressed by the small size of the equipment, the app, and the flexibility. We were impressed with the capacity to integrate our security system with our point of sale. Solink allowed us to see who, what, and when a transaction occurs, and gave managers a way to do crew contests in stores to increase sales-the crews love friendly competition! What’s cool is that managers were able to adapt their ordering of supplies to the orders they’re seeing by customers through Solink.

Five Guys is just a handful of thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses using Solink, but as a customer-first company, we’re always thrilled to spend time hearing about the successes of each one.

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