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Text inserter

Text inserters boxes are designed to permanently superimpose information from your point of sale system onto the footage from your security camera system.

What is a text inserter?

A text inserter box is a system that includes an overlay of the transaction record from the point of sale system onto the matching video. It permits the inclusion of transaction information onto surveillance camera footage. This allows you to bookmark the time when an event (such as a sale, void, return, etc.) takes place and see what happened during the transaction while looking at the receipt.

These systems are usually installed in conjunction with CCTV security cameras and the text inserter includes transaction data, superimposed onto the security video feed.

Why are text inserters important?

Text inserters allow for a variety of different functionalities. For example, they allow for events to be searched for or shared. They also allow information to be provided about when specific events take place.

While the system has some limitations, such as text boxes blocking parts of the screen, they are a useful way to integrate the point of sale system to the security system. Text inserters allow for valuable information to be accessible to anyone viewing the security footage.

The main limitation of text inserter boxes is that they permanently add the receipt information to the video footage, which can block crucial details in the image. Solink can provide text overlay without permanently changing the video to overcome this issue, making it an evolved text inserter system.