How security cages for warehouses improve loss prevention (with examples)

A man in a warehouse holding a clipboard.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

In today’s dynamic warehouse environments, securing valuable assets and sensitive materials is more crucial than ever. A security cage for warehouse settings offers an effective solution to enhance security measures, safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential theft.

What is a security cage for warehouses?

A security cage for warehouses is a protective enclosure designed to secure valuable, sensitive, or hazardous materials. Made from robust materials like steel, these cages come in various sizes and configurations, including lockable doors and customizable shelves. 

They serve as a physical barrier against unauthorized access, offering a high level of security within warehouse environments. The design of these cages allows for visibility of contents while restricting access, making them ideal for inventory control and safety compliance.

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A man in a warehouse holding a clipboard.

Why do warehouses use security cages?

Warehouses use security cages to protect valuable inventory, ensure safety, and comply with regulatory requirements. These secure enclosures help manage and segregate sensitive items, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, reducing the risk of theft, tampering, and accidental damage. 

Here are common security and loss prevention risks that security cages can mitigate, especially when combined with surveillance solutions like Solink:

  • High-value items are at a significant risk of theft.
  • Hazardous or sensitive materials are vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • Incidents of inventory shrinkage are likely to occur.
  • Non-compliance with safety and regulatory standards is a significant risk.
  • Assets are at increased risk of environmental damage when left in the open.

What are the advantages of using a security cage in your warehouse?

Implementing security cages in your warehouse brings several advantages, from enhancing security to improving operational efficiency. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • The implementation of security cages in warehouses substantially enhances the protection of valuable and sensitive items from theft and unauthorized access.
  • Adherence to safety and regulatory standards is significantly improved through the utilization of security cages, ensuring warehouses remain compliant with industry regulations.
  • Security cages play a crucial role in reducing incidents of theft and inventory shrinkage as part of a loss prevention system, thereby safeguarding the warehouse’s assets.
  • Effective inventory management and control are achieved with the help of security cages, enabling better organization and tracking of warehouse items.
  • The efficiency in accessing and monitoring stored items is greatly increased by employing security cages, which streamline warehouse operations.
  • Goods stored within security cages are well-protected against environmental damage and contamination, preserving their quality and usability.
  • Security cages assist in delineating clear zones for the storage of different types of inventory, enhancing organizational efficiency within warehouses.
  • They enable warehouses to implement a tiered security approach, placing higher-value or more sensitive items in more secure, monitored areas.
  • Utilizing security cages can deter internal and external theft, acting as a physical and psychological barrier to potential thieves.
  • The modular nature of many security cages allows for scalable security solutions that can grow and adapt with the business, ensuring long-term utility.
  • Security cages, especially when integrated with Solink’s advanced surveillance system, provide critical data for forensic analysis following security breaches or inventory discrepancies, aiding in quicker resolution and recovery efforts.

1. Knox High Security Cages (Single Width) – SC2111

This security cage measures W2100xD1100xH2050mm and is priced from £1,739.40 (2200 USD). Designed for high security, it features a robust steel design with a double hinged lockable door secured by a British Standard Mortice lock. It’s ideal for protecting valuable items like electronic devices, machinery, and equipment. The modular design allows for easy on-site assembly and future extension by adding more panels.

2. Promotion Security Welded-Steel and Mesh Cages – Static Galvanised

Available from £1,399.99 (1770 USD) to £3,499.99 (4425 USD), these cages come in a variety of sizes. Constructed from welded steel and mesh, they offer a durable and secure storage solution for a wide range of environments. The galvanized finish enhances durability, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Avanta Mini Cage

The Avanta Mini Cage is designed for storing hazardous materials and protecting valuable goods. It measures H2230 mm x W1200 mm x D1200 mm, available in gray or galvanized finishes, with prices starting at £974.00 (1230 USD). It features double hinged doors for easy access and a modular design for straightforward installation and extension. This cage is suitable for small- to medium-sized warehouses needing secure storage for items like gas cylinders or valuable retail stock.

4. Heavy Duty Steel Mesh Security Cage

IDH Direct offers a range of mesh cages suitable for various storage applications, including hazardous materials and valuable goods protection. These cages are customizable, allowing for specific dimensions and features based on individual business needs. The website lists various types of cages.

Security cages play a vital role in safeguarding valuable and sensitive items within warehouses. However, to fully optimize your warehouse’s security system, integrating these physical barriers with advanced surveillance technology is essential. This is where Solink comes into play. 

Solink enhances your warehouse’s security by providing comprehensive video surveillance capabilities, offering real-time monitoring and analysis. This integration not only deters theft and unauthorized access but also ensures compliance with safety standards, improving overall inventory management. 

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