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Why Solink? Our users tell us what they get out of our cloud video surveillance platform.

March 18, 2019
Infographic HeaderSolink is all about making life running or owning a business easier, by making it simple to find and solve everyday problems. We recently asked our users to tell us why they love Solink and how it helps them save time, money, and sanity.

Here’s what we heard.

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Solink users don’t have to spend hours scrolling through video surveillance footage to find that one weird transaction, pickpocket, or alleged slip-and-fall. They are able to easily search and review the exact clip they need instantly, giving them more time to get back to what matters.

Users save time with Solink, but a whopping 25% of users have been able to save 40 hours of time per month thanks to Solink’s video and POS integrated platform!

That’s like gaining an entire work week every month. Imagine all of the things you could do with an extra week!

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Solink helps businesses save money in a lot of ways. Having a more efficient system helps reduce operations costs. Users start to see this reflected in their bottom line, with 34% of users saving 10%. That is a huge savings, especially when you consider the overall operations budget of most companies.

How does it help? Solink provides owners and managers with a daily digest of relevant events every day, so they can review and spot any inefficiencies in workflow, overspending on product, and redundancies in daily tasks and operations.

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Theft and fraud can be ‘death by a thousand cuts’ for a business–and even if you know how to track it down, when would you have the time? With Solink’s security system at the helm, 20% of our users have saved up to $5,000 so far since installing Solink, and 12% of users saved $10,000 or more! Reviewing POS transactions with video analytics and footage to give context makes investigations simple and fast.

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Having the appropriate number of staff members per shift is often guesswork. Traditionally the only way to manage over- or understaffing is to be on site; but thanks to Solink, it’s easier to view and evaluate whether your staff are busy, bored, or tripping over each other. 14% of users were able to reduce their staff expenditures by 3-5% by using Solink to review busy and slow periods. It also helps users realize when they are not employing enough people. 4% of users identified times they were understaffed, and were able to increase their team accordingly.

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Solink gives users the ability to check on their stores from anywhere, anytime, but that doesn’t mean you have to be watching 24/7. Our cloud-managed platformallows managers to set up real-time alerts based on only the data they need, so they only have to check in when it’s necessary. Users find this reduces their stress significantly. 32% of users find that Solink reduces their stress every day, and 38% of users find it reduces their stress significantly during a problem.

Our users shared their experiences with us, revealing times when Solink was able to help them in a major way. We had testimonials from users like Lesley Holmes, who you can read about here, who was able to uncover what equated to $18,000 a year in employee theft. Solink helps with more than just theft, it also helps locate missing objects.

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Download a copy to read more from our clients, and learn how Solink helps you grow your business.

Janna, Restaurant Franchisee: We were looking for an important Purolator envelope. We could trace it to the office, where it then went missing. We were able to use the region select tool on the video where the envelope had been placed, so we only had to review video when there was motion in that area. We found who took it in less than half an hour – I don’t know if we would’ve found it the old fashioned way.

Dave, Franchisee: The Solink system combined our journal, POS, and video into one as a “one-stop shop” for investigating multi-situations. Within the first two weeks, we caught a management member discounting products to friends, family, and himself, while also manipulating transactions. What I liked the most is that we could save/flag the transactions; this was a time saver–no cueing video or burning clips. Needless to say, we saved enough in this situation to cover the cost of the system upgrade.

You spoke, and we listened: Solink users spend less time worrying about their business, and more time growing it. Because you already work hard, and we love to help you work smart.

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