Monitored Video Alarms Now Available in Canada

January 20, 2022

Last April, Solink launched our Video Alarms service for businesses located in the U.S. to help protect and secure locations during non-operational hours.

We are happy to announce that Canadian customers can now also benefit from our Monitored Video Alarms service!

Our Video Alarms product provides you with an all-in-one solution to protect your locations from break-ins and other suspicious activity. We have partnered with a professional video monitoring company to review alarms and dispatch authorities if need be. This service is available for an additional monthly fee.

When you subscribe to our monitored video alarms service, a professional will review your alarms and dispatch authorities if there is ever a threat to person or property. This monitored service removes the burden of you or a designated alarm contact having to review and respond to an alarm if ever one is triggered at your business.

The Monitored Video Alarms feature integrates with your existing security camera system and does not require additional equipment. To learn more about the Monitored Video Alarms service reach out to your Solink Customer Success manager or fill out this form.

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