Bullet vs Turret Security Cameras: When and Where to use them in your business (2024)

October 25, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

There is no one business security camera type that can be used in all situations. The best video surveillance setups have multiple different types of cameras deployed where their advantages are best exploited. Here’s what you need to know about bullet vs turret security cameras to best place them in your business.

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What is a bullet security camera?

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Bullet cameras are frequently used as business security cameras. Their name derives from their compact and distinct shape. Bullet cameras have the prototypical look of a camera, so are easily recognized as such.

Due to their small size and straightforward installation process, these cameras offer versatility, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Nonetheless, their design renders them more vulnerable to vandalism compared to dome cameras.

Certain bullet cameras come equipped with varifocal lenses, enabling users to modify the camera’s field of view while preserving picture quality. However, such adjustments must be made manually on the camera itself.

Bullet security camera pros and cons

As with all security cameras, bullet cameras have specific benefits and deficiencies that make them ideal for some settings but less suitable for others.

Bullet security camera advantages

Here are the main advantages of bullet cameras:

  • Varifocal lens allows installation near or far from the focus point. 
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Low cost and easy to install.
  • Small size can lead to less conspicuous installation.
  • Clear camera shape can improve the deterrence value.

Bullet security camera disadvantages

Here are the main disadvantages of bullet cameras:

  • Unable to change the angle of view, making it clearer what is or is not in view.
  • No protection from vandalism.
  • Harder to reposition left–right and up–down without reinstallation.
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What is a turret security camera?

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Turret cameras are highly adaptable security cameras, utilizing a ball-and-socket design to facilitate unrestricted directional adjustments. Unlike older-style cameras that may capture only a general area, turret cameras offer the advantage of precise targeting towards specific regions, thereby enhancing security measures.

For instance, if an area is temporarily utilized for a display but will be repurposed the following week, a turret camera can be effortlessly repositioned to cater to the changing scenario. Moreover, their horizontal or vertical installation capability enables placement in nearly any location.

Note that changing the direction of a turret camera needs to be done manually, which may prove impractical if the camera is installed in a hard-to-reach spot.

Similar to bullet cameras, turret cameras deliver excellent image quality while avoiding the limitation of fixed visual direction. However, they also suffer from the disadvantage of being susceptible to vandalism.

Turret security camera pros and cons

The shape of turret security cameras vs bullet security cameras provides specific strengths and weaknesses.

Turret security camera advantages

Here are the main advantages of turret cameras:

  • The ball-and-socket design makes it harder to tell where the camera is facing.
  • No dome to obstruct nighttime viewing with infrared lights.
  • Can be deployed indoors or outdoors.
  • Varifocal lens makes it easy to see a small area clearly or a wider area at lower resolution.
  • Can be swiveled left–right and up–down manually to change the viewing angle.

Turret security camera disadvantages

Here are the main disadvantages of turret cameras:

  • Does not look like a traditional camera, so may not have the same deterrence effect.
  • Repositioning must be done manually.

Are bullet vs turret security cameras better?

Turret and bullet cameras are both solid options for business security. Neither is better than the other, but they should be deployed in specific locations to enhance their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.

Where should I use bullet vs turret security cameras?

Bullet cameras are best placed where you want prominent, visible security cameras. This includes parking lots, both sides of entrances and exits, and above self-checkouts.

Where should I use turret vs bullet security cameras?

Since turret cameras can be more precisely positioned than bullet cameras, consider using them to protect your point of sale (POS) systems. Once you install the turret camera, you can slowly reposition it until one or several POS systems are clearly visible, allowing you to pair video with transaction data.

In addition, for areas that are constantly being changed, such as the front of a retail store that goes from summer to winter clothing, the ability to reposition the cameras to keep a tight watch on new merchandise makes turret cameras a great option.

Finally, turret cameras are shorter than bullet cameras. Because of this, they can be deployed in areas where there would be constraints on installing longer bullet security cameras, for example due to other infrastructure or in narrow rooms.

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