The best AI video analytics systems for business (2024)

July 18, 2023

There’s no question that theft has been increasing in the last few years. According to the National Retail Federation’s National Retail Security Survey, retail crime cost the industry $100 billion in 2022, up from $90 billion in 2020. To prevent violence, theft, and other crimes, businesses are investing in AI video analytics systems.

However, the wrong cloud-based video analytics system could wind up costing you a lot of money. In fact, IVPM has labeled some of these system providers “hostage as a service” companies due to the long contract lengths, lack of customer support, and closed architecture.

In this article, we review 12 AI video analytics systems to help you decide which is the solution for your business.

See how Solink’s cloud-first video analytics system can improve the security of your business.

Cloud, large language model, and several other tech terms are being used to describe products in order to cash in on trends, even when they don’t fit. The reality is that many AI video analytics systems barely take advantage of cloud technology.

To understand this, here’s a basic definition cloud computing:

Wikipedia defines cloud computing broadly as “the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage (cloud storage) and computing power, without direct active management by the user.”

This better describes Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure than the businesses built on their computing power. Indeed, these services represent an important backbone for all software as a service (SaaS) companies, including video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) companies like Solink.

Finding a universal definition of cloud-based video analytics is, again, not an easy task. Many companies will describe their surveillance or security service as being an AI video analytics solution when it is simply enabled by the cloud.

This means that some companies label their product as a cloud-based video analytics system when it is only offering cloud video storage or can access your security feeds remotely.

In our view, the best cloud video analytics companies provide systems with the following characteristics:

  • Always on: Cloud computing should enable your local surveillance system to have zero downtime. This should also include alerting you to problems with individual security cameras or other connected systems.
  • Always compatible: The cloud is at its base an interconnected network of different systems and services. If your AI video analytics system does not function within this greater network of services, then is it truly part of the cloud? Solink is a technology agnostic company. This means that the Solink platform can work with most security cameras on the market, as well as all of your other systems, from access control to POS systems. This integrated approach to video analytics provides new insights for business managers.
  • Always available: Cloud systems should be available at any time of the day, from anywhere. For cloud-based video analytics systems, this means being able to perform remote video monitoring of your premises and pair video to all of your other metrics.
  • Always up to date: Cloud-based video analytics systems keep themselves up to date with the latest patches. This protects your business from cybersecurity threats, without any user input. It also means a regular flow of new features to drive even more return on investment (ROI).

What are the advantages of a cloud-based video analytics system?

AI video analytics systems bring a lot of value to businesses. In fact, most businesses find ample cost and time savings, which along with the potential to drive more revenue leads to their cloud-based video analytics system paying for itself several times over.

Here are a few of the ways that cloud-based video analytics systems drive ROI.

AI capabilities

Making your security camera footage available on the cloud means that you can use new AI capabilities. Many of these features require more computing power than any single laptop could attain. Cloud computing unlocks the following features.

A running man icon in a turquoise circle.

With a traditional security system, the time cost of uncovering theft is often greater than the potential value of recovered merchandise. However, the advent of AI and cloud-based video analytics makes it possible to spot a shoplifter in minutes with motion search. Simply highlight the location where merchandise has gone missing and then see every instance of motion in that area while skipping the hours in between.

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Loss prevention/asset protection (LP/AP) professionals working in the retail and restaurant industries are deeply familiar with discount abuse. That’s because point of sale (POS) employee theft is a major source of loss. For efficient and effective LP/AP, your loss prevention software must be able to integrate with POS systems.

POS monitoring gives companies the ability to search through high-risk transactions including employee discounts, voids, cash returns, and no-sale tills opens and then view paired video to see what happened. With this functionality, you can audit your stores for potential fraud as well as generally to make sure all employees are following company policies.

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Camera linking

Camera Linking uses advanced AI technology to automatically find overlapping views in your security cameras. That way you can quickly navigate through unknown locations, flipping from one camera to the next as you look through the building.

For example, when you find someone shoplifting using motion search, you can then quickly follow the suspect as they move through your store to see what else they take or confirm they didn’t leave the merchandise somewhere else before leaving.

Save and share

Solink makes it easy to save and share important video clips. Use motion or event search to find the clips you need fast. Then, save those clips, along with a description, title, and any other angles you need. Once stored on the cloud, they are there for as long as you use the platform. You can now share the videos across your organization and with law enforcement, your insurance company, or any other stakeholder using an email address.

Remote monitoring

No matter how many locations are under your management, being able to access your data from anywhere is helpful. For larger organizations, remote monitoring becomes essential. Solink gives you real-time access to your data from anywhere. You can view video footage of what is happening alongside the data from your integrated systems.

Everything in one place

Senior management is looking for employees to make data-informed decisions throughout their organization. This has led to a massive rise in the amount of data being collected. However, many companies are now drowning in their data. They know that it can help make their organization more efficient and profitable, but how to interpret and implement data isn’t always simple.

One way to make your data processes easier is to bring as much data as possible into a single platform. Solink’s AI video analytics platform does just that. We connect video with data from your other systems to not just improve your security level but also unlock insights about your business.

Furthermore, pairing data with video lets you see what is actually happening as data doesn’t always tell the whole story. For example, exception-based reporting can help you see indications of theft or lost productivity, but only the paired video will tell you why something is amiss.

Proactive monitoring

AI video analytics can help you move from reactive management where you wait for problems to arise to proactive solutions that catch issues before they get out of control. By utilizing different statistical models, as well as motion search and other camera AI features, Solink can alert you to issues.

Whether you want to know when someone goes into the backroom, a store’s sales level slips, or the speed of service drops, Solink can notify you of issues before they get out of control.

Threshold Notifications allows you to set limits on all your key performance indicators and then receive an SMS or email notification the moment your core metrics are outside your comfort zone.

Off-site cloud video storage backup

Cloud video storage has some disadvantages. It requires a flawless Internet connection and will consume a lot of your bandwidth. Cloud video storage can also be prohibitively expensive.

However, utilizing cloud video storage as a backup to your local network storage is a great option. Once placed in a secure cloud storage solution, your videos can be saved indefinitely.

Solink combines network-attached storage (NAS) with cloud video storage. This hands-off, fully warrantied storage appliance helps reduce costs, improve robustness, and for some industries ensure your security system meets regulatory requirements.

Constant improvements

Traditional security systems are purchased and then don’t change much over their useful life. This issue comes up several times in our rundown of the best AI video analytics companies below. Conversely, AI video analytics companies are constantly improving their product.

For example, Solink recently released Location Management. This feature makes it easy for large organizations to find the individual location or group of locations they wish to audit. At 20 locations, this is helpful. At 1000, it’s indispensable.

You can track all of the recent updates to the Solink platform here.

Automated security updates

Cybersecurity is an integral part of physical security. One of the biggest disadvantages of going to a non-cloud-based video surveillance solution is that they don’t receive free, automated security updates.

Over time, as hackers discover exploits to these systems, a business’s video feeds and cloud video storage become vulnerable. Solink updates the platform whenever new threats are discovered and operates under the highest security standards.

Health checks

Solink’s cloud video analytics platform is always online. Importantly, it makes sure your other systems are also online. One way Solink does this is by telling you when a camera goes offline or is blocked in some way.

Indeed, Solink performs regular health checks on all of your devices to make sure security vulnerabilities do not arise.


Cloud-based video analytics provides unlimited scalability. Here are three ways that cloud video security scales with your business:

  • Number of sites: The cloud is limitless, so you can easily bring another site online.
  • Number of users: It is easy to add new users, as well as give them a customized level of access to protect certain data from those who do not need to see it.
  • Number of connected systems:The POS is the most common connected system on Solink, but we can connect to many other systems including scheduling software and access control. When you have new systems come online, Solink will work to add them to your custom dashboard.

12 best AI video analytics systems for business

It’s hard to make a list of the best AI video analytics systems. There are many out there, and they don’t all cater to the same industries, offer the same experience, or provide the same value.

We’ve taken a mix of the video surveillance as a solution (VSaaS) companies recently rated by IVPM, some early startups, and one classic network video recorder (NVR) system as a comparison point.

Here are the 12 best AI video analytics systems for business:

1. Solink

2. Verkada

3. Eagle Eye Networks

4. Rhombus

5. Ivideon

6. Milestone (XProtect)

7. Meraki

8. Avigilon ALTA

9. Genetec Stratocast

10. OpenEye

11. Spot Ai

12. Big Dog

Solink protects your people, profits, and patrons

Solink is a leading AI video analytics company. With over tens of thousands of sites under management, Solink has the tools and expertise to monitor businesses of all sizes. As a highly customizable AI video analytics platform, Solink is the ideal choice for organizations in every industry. Solink meets the security requirements of regulated industries and integrates with the software and hardware used by every type of organization.

Here are some of the main differentiators of Solink’s AI video analytics solution:

  • An easy-to-use platform that can be learned on the fly and used by various roles across an organization
  • The highest level of network security and data protection
  • Constantly shipping new features such as Camera Linking, Threshold Notifications, and Location Management
  • Real-time alerts for core metrics and daily digest emails for summaries of all your data
  • Best-in-class mobile experience on both Apple and Android, in addition to Apple TV and web apps
  • 24/7 support via email, in-app chat, or phone, as well as an extensive help center
  • Quick installation and hands-off hardware that is fully managed and maintained by Solink
  • Technology-agnostic platform that works with most security cameras and connected systems
  • Hundreds of integrations, including POS systems, access control, and scheduling software
  • Substantial ROI through time-saving, improved revenue generation, and reduced costs and theft
  • All-in-one solution that can source and install your security cameras
  • Video alarms, with both self-serve and managed options for verification
Verkada logo on a green background.


Verkada offers a cloud-based video analytics solution to businesses with security and monitoring capabilities. Their product includes management tools, high-definition cameras, and video analytics, providing comprehensive surveillance coverage for business environments.

While Verkada’s system brings benefits, organizations should be aware of potential challenges related to a lack of compatibility with existing camera infrastructure and the need for proper network bandwidth allocation to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, businesses should consider Verkada’s lack of support for third-party applications including point of sale (POS) systems, which may not meet their specific cloud video analytics requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of Verkada

Here are some of the main differentiators of Verkada’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • All-in-one security providers that sell all of the hardware and software required for a security system
  • Facial recognition (note that this may have legal implications in some jurisdictions)
  • Closed system that isn’t compatible with third-party security cameras
  • Zero POS integrations and few other integrations
  • Less support options and no 24/7 support
  • Cloud-enabled security system
  • Mobile app

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Eagle eye networks, inc logo.

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks (EEN) offers a cloud-based video analytics solution designed to meet the needs of various businesses. Their platform offers scalability and remote access, enabling organizations to monitor and protect their premises. However, some users find the platform difficult to use or explain to new team members.

EEN offers data and POS integrations, giving you access to more analytics than Verkada.

Advantages and disadvantages of Eagle Eye Networks

Here are some of the main differentiators of EEN’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • The ability to use natural language (such as “black backpack”) to search videos, although the accuracy still has room for improvement
  • Some data and POS integrations
  • Mobile app

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Rhombus provides a cloud-based video analytics solution designed for business environments. While Rhombus offers valuable features, businesses should consider the lack of compatibility of their existing camera infrastructure. Rhombus does not offer support for your existing security cameras.

Additionally, Rhombus uses storage on each camera as their local video storage support. This makes their cameras more expensive than the ones you can source from other all-in-one providers including Solink.

Advantages and disadvantages of Rhombus

Here are some of the main differentiators of Rhombus’ cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Closed camera system that requires you to purchase their cameras
  • POS and other data integrations
  • Mobile app


Ivideon offers a cloud-based video analytics platform that caters to the needs of businesses seeking monitoring and security solutions. Their system enables remote access to live and recorded video footage, centralized camera management, and video analytics capabilities.

Ivideon also has a working Shopify shop on their website where you can buy all the security hardware you could need, including NVRs, cameras, and cabling.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ivideon

Here are some of the main differentiators of Ivideon’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Sells services such as access control that are related to cloud-based video analytics
  • Facial recognition (note that this may have legal implications in some jurisdictions)
  • Offers hardware sales to the public separate from its subscription business
  • All-in-one hardware and software shop

Milestone (XProtect)

Milestone offers a basic cloud-based video analytics solution for businesses. Their platform, XProtect, offers some of the key tools demanded by businesses such as data integrations and a mobile app.

One aspect businesses should consider when adopting Milestone is the scalability of the system to accommodate their video analytics needs as they grow. Additionally, organizations should ensure compatibility with their existing camera infrastructure and network equipment for a smooth integration process.

Advantages and disadvantages of Milestone

Here are some of the main differentiators of Milestones’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Self-serve system for XProtect offered through Amazon AWS
  • Able to use with existing IP security cameras
  • No video alarm services


Meraki delivers a cloud-based video analytics solution designed to meet the specific requirements of businesses. Their platform combines high-quality cameras, video analytics, and cloud connectivity to enable organizations to monitor and protect their premises. As a Cisco subsidiary, Meraki is one of several solutions in this list owned by a larger business. This leads some businesses to worry about the future development of the platform.

Meraki offers some of the most sought after features in a cloud-based video analytics solution. For example, they are usually compatible with your existing security cameras, they have a mobile app, and they offer cloud video storage.

Advantages and disadvantages of Meraki

Here are some of the main differentiators of Meraki’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Offer data integrations but not POS integrations
  • Open platform for third-party security cameras
  • Mobile app
Avgilon logo on a green background.

Avigilon ALTA

Avigilon ALTA offers a cloud-based video analytics solution designed to enhance the security and monitoring capabilities of businesses. Their platform is especially designed to work for large sites, such as colleges and universities.

Avigilon ALTA has some of the features needed for businesses in a cloud video management system, for example data integrations, a mobile app, and cloud video storage. However, they lack seamless POS integrations and 24/7 support.

Advantages and disadvantages of Avigilon ALTA

Here are some of the main differentiators of Avigilon ALTA’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Some questions about the ease of use of the platform
  • Has data integrations but not POS integrations
  • Offers video alarms
  • Mobile app

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Genetec Stratocast

Genetec Stratocast offers a cloud-based video analytics solution for businesses. While Genetec Stratocast offers some data integrations, they do not have POS integrations. Furthermore, they offer a mobile app, but the platform itself has not been updated regularly and can seem out of date to power users.

Advantages and disadvantages of Genetec Stratocast

Here are some of the main differentiators of Genetec Stratocast’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Native access control integration allows remotely unlocking and locking doors
  • UX/UI is often criticized as hard to use and out of date
  • Mobile app
Openeye logo on a green background.


OpenEye offers a cloud-based video analytics solution tailored to businesses. Their platform is considered easy to use and offers cloud video storage. While OpenEye offers many features needed by businesses, they have long-term contracts that reduce the flexibility of companies looking to test the platform. Furthermore, OpenEye does not offer 24/7 support.

Advantages and disadvantages of OpenEye

Here are some of the main differentiators of OpenEye’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Data and POS integrations
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Mobile app
  • Long-term contracts that reduce the flexibility

Spot AI

Spot AI is a cloud-based video analytics solution that aims to enhance security and monitoring capabilities for businesses. Spot AI offers many of the standard cloud-based video security features. However, as a new provider with a very limited track record, businesses may face some uncertainties when considering Spot AI as their video analytics provider.

One of the potential drawbacks of Spot AI’s new and unproven status is the lack of extensive customer feedback and case studies. Without a long history of successful implementations, businesses may feel hesitant about the platform’s reliability and performance. Additionally, as a newer company, Spot AI may still be refining its offerings and addressing any unforeseen bugs that arise during implementation.

Advantages and disadvantages of Spot AI

Here are some of the main differentiators of Spot AI’s cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • Geared towards very small companies with one to few locations and lacking the required features for enterprise customers
  • Compatible with most IP cameras, but not necessarily analog cameras
  • Unproven track record as a very new company
  • Some AI features such as motion detection
  • Sells cameras and NVRs

Big Dog

Big Dog is an NVR-based video surveillance solution that provides businesses with basic monitoring capabilities. While it does have included software, it doesn’t fully fit the definition of a video analytics solution. Indeed, it is important to consider some of the limitations of the platform. One of the shortcomings of Big Dog is the lack of regular updates. As technology advances and security threats evolve, it is crucial for video analytics systems to stay up to date with the latest software and firmware enhancements.

This is a major reason businesses are upgrading their systems from Big Dog and similar NVR systems to cloud-based video analytics.

Another area where Big Dog may fall short is in its AI capabilities. While AI has become increasingly important in video surveillance, enabling advanced analytics and automated insights such as event and motion search, Big Dog’s AI capabilities are limited.

Without robust AI capabilities, businesses may miss out on valuable insights and actionable information that can enhance security and operational efficiency.

For businesses seeking a more comprehensive and technologically advanced video analytics solution, it may be advisable to explore cloud-based alternatives that offer regular updates, advanced AI capabilities, and comprehensive cloud functionality such as remote viewing and multi-site management.

Advantages and disadvantages of Big Dog

Here are some of the main differentiators of Big Dog’s non-cloud-based video analytics solution:

  • No security updates leaves systems vulnerable to hackers
  • Lack of advanced AI capabilities
  • No cloud video storage
  • Rigid system packages

Solink brings together all of the features businesses come to expect in an AI video analytics solution.

  • Motion and event search helps you find more theft in less time.
  • Video Alarms better protect your business while massively reducing the risk of false alarm fines with alarm verification.
  • Camera health checks confirm your cameras are online and unoccluded, while security updates protect you from cyberthreats.
  • New features are consistently being shipped such as Camera Linking, Threshold Notifications, and Location Management to add more value to the platform.
  • Customized metrics dashboards with widgets tracking the KPIs important to your business turn your cloud-based video analytics system into a business insights dashboard.

To see what makes Solink the best AI video analytics company, sign up for a demo today.

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