How To Use DiSC Personality Types To Improve Employee Satisfaction

May 16, 2019
How well do you know your employees? Do you know what motivates them? Do you know what frustrates them? Can you actually predict which team members they are going to work well with? The truth is, understanding human behavior isn’t complicated. Personality types make it easy to communicate, train, and interact with anyone. All you have to do is figure them out!

How do personality tests help your business?

As a manager, you are responsible for keeping your business running well. You don’t always have time to spend with each individual employee-even if you want to. You might learn a few things about each individual staff member here and there, sure. But it would take a long time to understand their personality completely.

But imagine if you knew what your employees’ priorities were. If you knew exactly what motivates them or what their limitations are. You’d be a better manager, wouldn’t you? So, how do you do it? Here are a couple of examples.

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  • Let’s say that you discover that one staff member enjoys detail-oriented tasks. Assign them tasks like organizing procedures, tracking supplies, and creating tracking sheets. These types of tasks make them feel useful and valued.
  • If an employee is competitive, you can start small contests between the employees. This competitive nature will push them to work harder, make more sales, and strive to reach the top of the pack.

Each person has their strengths and weaknesses. Managers who identify and nurture these skills find that their employees are happier. Happier employees become harder workers. Harder workers help your business make more money.

New How Solink Helps D 1
Someone who ranks high in Dominance will find that Solink helps them understand the results faster. Instead of having to look through all the data, they will be sent a Daily Digest that gives them all of the highlights of the previous day. This overall look makes it easy to see how the business is doing fast.

What is DiSC?

The DiSC personality test identifies a person’s strengths and weaknesses. These skills determine their personality type and where they sit on the DiSC wheel. It’s a simple test, which is why it’s perfect for businesses. The DiSC test takes less than ten minutes to complete but opens up a world of information.

When your staff completes the DiSC assessment, you’ll be able to learn insights like:

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  • What their goals are,
  • How they judge others,
  • How they influence others,
  • How they handle pressure,
  • What they fear,
  • And what areas you should target for training.

How does DiSC help your business?

DiSC uses a wheel to help pinpoint personality characteristics. There are four quadrants:

  1. Dominance: Focused on results, competition, and authority.
  2. Influence: Focused on action, social recognition, and group activities.
  3. Conscientiousness: Focused on accuracy, attention to quality, and expertise.
  4. Steadiness: Focused on support, collaboration, and stability.

Give better advice, training, and tasks by using personality profiles as a guide. They inform you not only of how your staff thinks, but why they think that way. Solve communication issues, increase understanding among coworkers, and resolve disputes fast. Not only does it help you, it helps the whole staff! When they understand each other, they are going to have an easier time working together.

New How Solink Helps I 2
Solink helps those high in influence by allowing them to clip and save videos and send them to others to review. By being able to highlight these trainable moments, an “I” will be able to increase and facilitate teamwork and cooperation.

The DiSC profiles make it easy to compare personality types to others. A test like DiSC teaches your staff not only what they are good at, but also how they can improve.

A “C-type” may not realize that their attention to detail is frustrating to people who focus on results. An “S-type” may tend to take on more than they can handle and end up slowing themselves down. It’s easy to manage expectations when all staff knows how to communicate. When your staff can work together, your entire business runs better.

How do managers benefit from knowing their staff better?

Smart managers know that the best way to build a team is to get the right people in place and then let them do their work. Personality tests help the manager make more confident decisions. They’ll be able to assign tasks without doubt and watch as the team follows through. When people have the freedom to focus on their priorities, they’re going to work harder. Here’s an example.

Employees Disc Example

A store manager is staffing a shift at their quick-service burger restaurant. They have a team of four people, who all happen to fit into one of the categories. The manager considers personality type, and they assign positions like this:

  • Sarah ranks high in dominance so she asked to act as the shift manager.
  • Luke ranks high in conscientiousness, so he operates the drive-thru.
  • Jeff ranks high in influence and handles the front cash and customer service.
  • Jesse ranks high in steadiness so she takes care of food prep.

Sarah will be best at seeing the big picture, getting results, and keeping people on track. Luke will be good at taking orders with a high degree of accuracy, meaning customers who are in a rush don’t have to wait. Jeff is enthusiastic and good at collaborating, so he’s going to be able to give great customer service. Jesse’s supportive attitude and devotion to teamwork will allow her to thrive as the cook.

New How Solink Helps Stype
Solink helps those who value steadiness by giving them access to tools like the Heatmap. Because this personality type values helping the team, they will be able to use the Heatmap to improve customer flow and improve sales.

How can you use personality tests to hire an employee?

Tests like DiSC can help narrow down potential candidates for a position. But, it’s important to note that they don’t dictate a person’s actual skills. For example, a high ranking conscientious person may no organizational skills. Even though they value organization, they may not be good at it. Also, ranking high in one category doesn’t mean that you are incapable of doing tasks from the others. Someone who ranks high at influence may be very good at monitoring details. Think of these tests as an assessment, not a prescription.

Personality tests come in handy when it comes to judging fit within the company culture. You might learn that high influence people thrive on your customer service team. You may realize that your managers do best when they rank high in dominance. Over time, you’ll start to notice patterns of desirable behavior.

New How Solink Helps C 2
Solink is extremely helpful for those who are high in conscientiousness because of the advanced reports and Discover Dashboard. The Dashboard will make it easy to identify outliers, trends, and get a clear look at all of the data that you want to dig into.

There are many benefits when it comes to personality assessments for your business. You’ll be able to manage employees, encourage conversations, and train your staff faster. The DiSC test is only one of many personality tests out there. But you’ll find that taking the time to get to know your staff will improve operations as a whole.

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