School Security Cameras and Systems: A Premium Guide for 2024

April 22, 2024

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Security cameras for schools are more than just for monitoring, they're for creating a safe learning environment for kids to prosper.

When done right, security cameras in schools and on campuses provide improved security, reducing the chances of violence as well as vandalism and theft, while also preserving privacy. Solink has video surveillance solutions tailored to the school and campus setting.

This comprehensive guide explores the crucial role of school security cameras in protecting our future generations. School security has become a hot button issue. According to the K-12 School Shooting Database there were 348 shootings at schools in the U.S. in 2023.  That’s up from 308 in the year 2022. This is only one of the reasons school security cameras are becoming more of a need and must-have for campuses.

The desire to keep children and faculty safe has seen a dramatic rise in the number of schools installing security cameras and high-quality security systems.

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Why do schools need security cameras?

Schools are increasingly concerned with the safety of their students, faculty, staff, and facilities. Security cameras are part of an overall important security system that is necessary for this safety. That’s why they are being put in place by more communities as part of their schools’ safety measures and actions.


Schools can choose to install security cameras for several reasons. Here are just a few of the main ones:

  • Deter violence and crime.
  • Monitor ongoing bullying issues.
  • Discourage vandalism and trespassing.
  • Make it easier to monitor the security perimeter (entrances, parking lots, etc.).
  • Share real-time video with emergency responders during incidence (active shooters, fires, etc.).
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The National Institute of Justice in the U.S. recently confirmed the effectiveness of security cameras as a component of a school’s security infrastructure.


With the increased focus on school safety and the confirmed effectiveness of security cameras, it is easy to see why they are installed on campuses. The Education Commission of the States has summarized the requirements for K-12 security systems across the 50 states and Washington D.C. Most states require school boards to have a specific school security system plan in place, which may include the need for cameras.


The next three sections discuss the best ways in which to set up a school security system.

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Best options for school security cameras

Schools often operate under strong budget constraints. They might not have the staff required to operate highly technical infrastructure alone. Schools also might be stuck with older cameras that need to be integrated into a new security system. 

Solink follows all of the best practices so that any educational organization can utilize our platform.

Encrypted remote video monitoring by multiple users

Solink gives you access to your camera feeds from anywhere. The data is transferred securely to ensure the privacy of your staff and students. Furthermore, you can set up multiple accounts, each with their own level of access, so authorized users can view the videos they need to.

All of this is provided by Solink’s secure cloud surveillance platform

First responder real-time video access

In the event of a school shooting, fire, or other major incident, school administrators can directly share the Solink video feed with emergency responders on their laptop or mobile device. This helps responders to react appropriately. 

Flexible video storage

Solink can change the level of video storage capacity to fit your needs. Whether your school board or state/province mandates 30 or 90 days of video storage, we can accommodate those requirements. 

Solink protects school's and educational institutions with a cloud based surveillance system

Simple and low-cost deployment

Solink is simple to set up. We can arrange for installation or work with your preferred installer. The lower upfront cost with no long-term contract to sign makes it easy to deploy Solink in educational settings. 

No servers to maintain

Solink can work with almost every video surveillance camera on the market. If you don’t have cameras installed yet or you are looking to upgrade to the newest tech, we can source cameras or work with the cameras you have.

If you are ready to see how Solink can help keep your education environment safe and secure, sign up for a demo today.

Most common types of security cameras for schools

Bullet security cameras for schools

Bullet cameras are versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They can provide high-quality video in a specific direction. They are often installed in hallways or facing the entrance to schools.

Here is an article comparing bullet cameras to dome cameras.

Solink integrates with hallway bullet cameras for school security

PTZ security cameras for schools

PTZ stands for “pan, tilt, zoom,” the three capabilities these security cameras have over standard bullet cameras. PTZ security cameras can be manually adjusted using a remote control system to see a wider area or zoom in on some event.

Here is an article comparing PTZ cameras to 360 cameras.

360 security cameras for schools

These security cameras are named for the 360 degree view they provide. When mounted on the ceiling of a wide open area, for example a cafeteria, auditorium, or basketball court, they provide a complete view of the entire area.

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Where should you place security cameras in schools?

There are many places in a school where you should consider placing security cameras. Here are five places that you should consider putting cameras in your school, in order of importance.


Intruder detection during the day and deterring trespassers at night require a layer of perimeter security. Security cameras pointing at the inside and outside of every entrance connected to the Solink platform can notify you when someone is entering the building outside of designated times.

Hallways and corridors

Students congregate in the halls before and after classes and cameras can monitor their behavior. Setting up alerts during classes will also allow you to be notified of unusual activity in the hallways when students are supposed to be in class learning.


Parking lots and sports fields

Parking lots and sports fields represent common locations for theft and vandalism. It is important to have video surveillance of these areas to deter and document criminal activity. 

Gyms, auditoriums, and cafeterias

Students often have more freedom and less oversight during lunch periods. Unfortunately, this can lead to more incidents. Having well-placed 360 degree cameras gives school administrators a complete view of everything happening in gyms, auditoriums, and cafeterias. 


Classroom cameras are a controversial topic, which is why they are last in this list. The proponents argue classroom security cameras provide a safe learning environment for students, give educators a secure workplace, and improve the emergency readiness of the school by reducing camera blind spots and helping responders see where students are during an event.


Those opposed are mostly concerned that classroom cameras will have a negative impact on the academic performance of students. In addition, many video security companies have high startup fees and long contracts, and committing to such ongoing expenses can be difficult for public entities.

Solink has lower installation costs and no long contracts, which makes it easy for public and not-for-profit organizations to implement school surveillance systems.

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The benefits of school security cameras

Here are some of the ways security cameras make schools safer.

Improve emergency preparedness and response

Security cameras can help school administrators improve the emergency preparedness of staff and students. Video footage of emergency drills can be used to pinpoint weak spots during the training exercises and prioritize them for further practice.

During an event, access to real-time videos may be granted to emergency responders within the Solink platform. Giving emergency services the ability to see what is happening in facilities improves their response. They can quickly identify where threats exist, who needs help, and the safest and fastest way to end the incident.

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Decrease theft and vandalism

Security cameras deter criminal activity. When someone sees that they are being surveilled, they know that it is more likely that they will be caught. This decreases the motivation to commit a crime.

Theft and vandalism occur across school campuses, including inside and outside schools and in the parking lot. Comprehensive security camera coverage makes it harder for thieves or vandals to escape prosecution. This quickly tells criminals that your school is off limits. 

Monitor bullying and violence

Teachers cannot be everywhere at once. Students often have less supervision between classes, during lunch, and at special school events. These periods give bullies a chance to act. One of the most effective bullying deterrents is reducing the time periods where bullying can happen without repercussions.

Create a safe learning environment for teachers and students

It can be hard to find and retain good teachers. One way to reduce burnout and prevent teacher turnover is to support their work environment with the added safety of video surveillance. If teachers feel safe at work and know that their administrators are supporting them, then the job of teaching is a little less stressful.

A laptop screen showing several pictures of people on a staircase.

Control school building access

Schools need to maintain a strong perimeter defense, during the day and outside of school hours. Trespassers at night represent a high risk for theft or vandalism. During the day, unregistered visitors might be a security threat. Solink can help in both these situations by providing alerts to unusual motion near the entrances to your schools. With Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring Service, you’ll be notified on your mobile device whenever activity is detected during designated time periods. 

Solink helps you filter events that happen within your commercial business

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Schedule a 30-minute product demo with our experts

Solink has tools built for educational institutions. We can work with almost all security cameras, and there’s no server to maintain. Our industry-leading customer service means the Solink platform won’t place a burden on your IT staff.

Furthermore, Solink’s no risk, no contract service agreement is perfect for public or not-for-profit organizations that experience unexpected budget changes.

To see how Solink can help with school security, sign up for a demo today.

School security cameras FAQ

How do school security cameras impact student privacy, and how can schools balance safety with privacy concerns?

The implementation of security cameras in schools introduces significant privacy concerns, particularly with the increasing reliance on digital platforms for education. Cyber threats, such as unauthorized access to cameras and microphones, have underscored the vulnerabilities in student privacy. For instance, cyberattacks on educational institutions have led to breaches of sensitive student information, including social security numbers and academic records. 

To address these concerns, schools must enhance their cybersecurity measures and carefully consider camera placement to ensure privacy. Balancing safety and privacy involves limiting access to footage and implementing robust cybersecurity protocols to protect students from digital privacy threats.

Legal and ethical considerations include adhering to privacy laws such as the Fourth Amendment in the US, which protects students’ rights to privacy, and ensuring compliance with, for example, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Schools must navigate the placement of cameras to avoid areas with a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms and locker rooms, and consider who has access to the footage to protect student privacy. Ethically, schools have the responsibility to use surveillance footage solely for the safety and well-being of students, requiring clear policies on footage access and usage.

How effective are security cameras in preventing incidents of violence or bullying within schools, based on recent studies or data?

While the effectiveness of security cameras in preventing violence or bullying is not always directly visible, they play a crucial role in improving school safety by deterring potential misconduct and providing evidence for investigations. The presence of cameras can lead to a reduction in incidents by increasing the perceived risk of getting caught for perpetrators. Over the course of a school year, security cameras can help instill a sense of safety and security in the minds of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. 

However, the effectiveness largely depends on the strategic placement of cameras, the school’s response protocols, and the integration of cameras with other safety measures. Implementing security cameras is part of a broader strategy to create a safe educational environment, which should also include policies that address the root causes of violence and bullying.

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