Dome vs Bullet Security Cameras: When and Where to use them in your business (2024)

October 6, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

There is no one type of business security camera that can be used in all situations. The best video surveillance setups have multiple different types of cameras deployed where their advantages are best exploited. Here’s what you need to know about dome vs bullet security cameras to best place them in your business.

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What is a dome security camera?

Dome cameras are cameras covered with a plastic protector. This makes it harder to know which direction they are facing. This makes employees and customers less sure about what is or is not in the camera’s field of view. Furthermore, their shape and the dome protection make them more resistant to vandalism. 

However, this dome can reflect IR lights, making dome cameras less effective at night.

A cctv camera hanging from the ceiling of an office.

Dome security camera pros and cons

As with all security cameras, dome cameras have specific benefits and deficiencies that make them ideal for some settings but less suitable for others.

Dome security camera advantages

Here are the main advantages of dome cameras:

  • Plastic covering hides which direction the camera is facing.
  • The dome makes these cameras highly resistant to vandalism and damage.
    Built-in storage capability.

Dome security camera disadvantages

Here are the main disadvantages of dome cameras:

  • Sometimes water droplets can cause blurring.
  • IR light can bounce off the dome, causing blindspots at night.

What is a bullet security camera?

Bullet cameras are a common type of business security camera. Their name derives from their compact and distinct shape. Bullet cameras have the prototypical look of a camera, so are easily recognized as such.

Due to their small size and easy installation process, these cameras offer versatility. For example, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. However, their design renders them more vulnerable to vandalism compared to dome cameras.

Some bullet cameras come equipped with varifocal lenses, allowing users to change the camera’s field of view while preserving picture quality. However, these adjustments must be made manually on the camera itself.

Cloud vs IP vs cloud IP security cameras-bullet camera

Bullet security camera pros and cons

Bullet security cameras have specific strengths and weaknesses that must be considered before utilizing them in your business.

Bullet security camera advantages

Here are the main advantages of bullet cameras:

  • Varifocal lens adds flexibility to the installation location.
  • The typical camera shape can improve the deterrence value.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Low cost and easy to install.

Bullet security camera disadvantages

Here are the main disadvantages of bullet cameras:

  • Unable to change the angle of view, making it clearer what is or is not in view.
  • Hard to reposition left–right and up–down without reinstallation.
  • The shape allows birds to build nests above them, potentially shortening their useful life.
  • No protection from vandalism.

Are dome vs bullet security cameras better?

When comparing different types of camera, there is no better or worse. There’s simply more or less effective cameras for a specific use case. In fact, most businesses will deploy both bullet and dome security cameras.

Where should I use dome vs bullet security cameras?

Dome security cameras are best used when the installation is within arm’s reach of customers and staff. Since they are more resistant to damage, whenever vandalism is a possibility, consider dome security cameras.

Water drops can cause blurring, and IR lights for night vision can bounce off the dome causing blindspots. Therefore, avoid using dome security cameras outdoors without proper rain cover and where nighttime vision is needed.

Where should I use bullet vs dome security cameras?

Bullet cameras are best placed where you want prominent, visible security cameras, for example parking lots, both sides of entrances and exits, and above self-checkouts.

Grocery stores also make good use of bullet cameras, pointing them down their long aisles.

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