Solink expands into the U.K. with Too Many Clouds after 400% growth in North America

December 12, 2017

Solink has partnered with Too Many Clouds to bring data-driven theft detection and cloud-based video management to multi-unit brands in the U.K.

Ottawa, Canada- April 25, 2017– Solink Corp. (“Solink”), the fastest growing loss prevention solution for SMB, is expanding into the U.K. market with the help of Too Many Clouds, the leading distributor for cloud services. The partnership will make it easier for multi-unit and franchise brands in the UK to migrate to a cloud-based security system and proactively tackle theft in their stores.Solink entered the physical security market with a radically different belief: the value is in the data, not the hardware which primarily funds this multi-billion dollar market. Solink’s focus is on using data analytics to improve the way QSRs and retailers use surveillance video while giving away the hardware for free. By running advanced analytics and learning algorithms on the store’s data, they can pinpoint potentially fraudulent activity at a high accuracy. With the added advantage of video integration, users can validate a flagged event in real-time without manually searching for the video footage.

This approach has resonated with many franchise owners across Canada and the United States, frustrated with buying bulky security systems while still seeing shrink and cash shortages in their stores. Solink has grown 400% in the last year and expanded into Canada’s largest coffee and donut shop.”Our clients are seeing incredible results from using Solink. They used to spend countless hours investigating a single event – they now get a summary of all suspicious activity with one-click links to the video. Every day we hear from customers who are gaining more insight from their operations and increasing profitability. Too Many Clouds believes in our vision to radically transform the spend in the security industry from infrastructure to actionable insights and they have the expertise to help us expand into the U.K.” Mike Matta, CEO of Solink. “Ensuring our partners and their customers have access to the most innovative and technically competent technologies is one of our missions. This partnership with Solink further endorses the great work we do behind closed doors for our customers. The technology works, it saves money whilst ensuring resilience and security to the businesses who use the product. Everyone we are speaking to can only find positive things to say about Solink and this makes us all proud, that technology like this in the digital age is the way forward. I would urge all businesses interested in securing their business and preventing losses to get in touch” – Jazz Padda, Managing Director of Too Many Clouds.

About Solink

Solink is the leading cloud-based video recording and loss prevention solution for multi-unit brands. The software automatically matches in-store transactions to video, analyzes the data to identify potential fraud, and sends important notifications to the owner so they can take action quickly. Solink is completely mobile so you can remote access video and transactions from multiple stores. We’re dramatically reducing investigation times while keeping a close eye on employee theft in your operations.

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About Too Many Clouds

Too Many Clouds, is a U.K. based cloud technology consulting firm and distributor. We partner with customers in all regions and sectors to identify who would benefit from a move to the cloud, and transform their business’ IT environment. Our customised approach ensures that our customers have a competitive advantage, are enabled to build more capable solutions, and secure more business contracts. We seek to be agents of change-for our partners, and their customers.

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