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AI camera

Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras use advanced computer technology such as machine learning (ML) to interpret what they are seeing, by matching images with databases and other data sources, and provide richer information.

What is an AI camera?

An AI camera is a security camera that has been connected to powerful technology that can interpret what the camera can see. A traditional security camera, even modern IP cameras, can only record images of what is within its field of view. AI cameras go one step further and understand what is being recorded.

Machine learning (ML) is usually the base technology within AI cameras. It enables the AI to learn what it is seeing by inputting many previous instances of events with proper labeling. For example, a database might contain one thousand instances of a person walking across the field of view of a camera. By showing the AI these instances, it can then learn to interpret similar motion events in the future.

Being able to detect and interpret motion in a camera view unlocks many AI camera applications.

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Why are AI cameras important?

AI cameras not only help improve the security of a business but also facilitate better decision making overall. AI cameras help with security by allowing for new services such as video alarms, which allow owners to catch events earlier, verify alarms, and share real-time video with emergency responders.

AI cameras also make people counting or traffic counting possible, which is a major step forward for improved metrics tracking and benchmarking.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.