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Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) provides video analytics services to users including remote storage, management, viewing, sharing, and monitoring of security video footage in the cloud.

What is VSaaS?

VSaaS is an extension of classic closed caption television (CCTV) security systems that allows users to store, share, view, and monitor video surveillance footage in the cloud. Being able to view camera feeds remotely enhances the security value of your surveillance system.

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Why is VSaaS important?

VSaaS is a way of getting more out of existing surveillance infrastructure. By utilizing the advanced video analytics available thanks to cloud-based VSaaS services such as Solink, companies turn their passive surveillance system into an active part of their business intelligence.

A passive surveillance system waits for an intruder to enter the premises to notify emergency responders—and it cannot verify a true threat before asking for assistance. The VSaaS video monitoring solution offered by Solink gives owners the ability to detect intruders before they break in through doors or windows, as well as detect them in the building no matter how they enter the premises by setting up motion alarms that cover entire areas. Furthermore, they can have the chance to verify there is a true threat before emergency responders are requested.

With VSaaS, companies can even use their security cameras to help with revenue attribution, store layout, and more. For example, by monitoring how customers walk through your store, you can change the layout to improve the sales of high-ticket items or increase the number of items purchased per transaction. If you run sales online for specific items, you can then see whether customers are coming into your store and immediately asking staff for those specific items.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.