Solink protects your people, profits, and patrons
How to use problem video surveys to level up att.

How to use cloud video security to level up ATM security

A step-by-step guide for fraud investigators, facility security managers, and loss prevention leaders

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Little Caesars uses Solink to protect their people, profits, and patrons
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Learn why cloud video security is the future in bank security

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The features that will help protect your facility

Remote video monitoring

Prevent loitering, search case evidence, and share files to authorities – from anywhere in the world

Data-driven analytics and search tools make it easy to search through hours of footage to find the right clip within a few minutes. Exception-based reporting and motion capture can be used to monitor specific areas of the premises and flag suspicious activity, such as access to a vault or transactions over $10,000.

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Centralized controls for security

Having just one platform to integrate all data and video feeds means that IT teams have less set-up, low maintenance, and easy access control at all times. User permissions settings makes it possible to control access to branch-specific data for analysts and managers.

Also, SOC 2 and GDPR compliance ensures data is securely protected.