Solink is the hub of the smart retail business.

Combining video + POS data to improve your strategies for loss prevention and fraud detection.

As the hub of your connected retail business, Solink gives you visibility and insight into your stores like never before.

By synchronizing your video with your transaction data and employee login systems, Solink provides a clear view into every cash register, sale, and sector of the sales floor. Seek patterns to prevent fraud and loss, track motion in the store room, and even audit operations from a distance—our mobile app gives you the flexibility to manage all locations from anywhere in the world.

Tools that work for retail

Solink works with many retail stores and chains. All our features are helpful, but there’s a few key tools that we know you’ll love for loss prevention and fraud investigation in particular.

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Managed video

Solink offers a number of video storage options, including maintaining key clips securely off-site with us. Video gives your data context, so we know how important our video features are.

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Exception-based reporting

EBR searches for needles in the haystack. Analyze dips and swells in revenue, speed of service, and transactions. Watch for outlying data that can pinpoint issues related to fraud or poor compliance.

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Case management system

Our CMS can be the pillar of your loss prevention investigations, providing a hub of auditable evidence. Organize tasks and files, and share seamlessly with outside parties.

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The difference is in the data.

Solink interprets and clarifies the mass of data created by your stores’ systems every day. Our platform deciphers and analyzes that data to determine unusual activity and outlying transactions, then pairs each moment with video to give you the full context for each event.

Solink Auditing Speed

Solink can be the hub of 1 or 1000 stores.

Our platform is ready to take on any challenge. There is no limit to the number of sites we can connect, which gives you remote, mobile access to each store’s data; it also allows Solink to provide comparison reports that will better pinpoint unusual activity.

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