4 Factors that Prove that Video Security Is The “Biggest” Big Data

December 11, 2017
Every day, the world records over 413 Petabytes of video data. (Or the combined storage space of 92 Million CD-ROMS)

At 413 Petabytes produced each day, video is the “Biggest” Big Data. If you did not believe it before, these comparison stats should make you a believer,

Clearly, video is producing a lot more data than other media platforms. You might be asking, “How do we create so much video data?.”

Every day, millions of surveillance cameras are recording all around the world. Most of these surveillance camera systems are recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Out of the hundreds of Millions of hours of recorded video surveillance footage, most of it will never be viewed – and with good reason. With most recorded footage, there is nothing happening on the screen.

However, what happens when something important is happening on the screen? When is this footage viewed?

The simple answer – when s%$t stuff happens. Most recorded video is only viewed when stuff happens and people want answers.

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This is a “big” missed opportunity for insight.

Video is the most context-rich source of data. It is a first-hand account of what happened. If only video could communicate what it saw, but, unfortunately, video is largely unstructured, unsearchable and inaccessible.

At Solink, we’ve taken the unstructured video content and turned it into a structured, searchable form of data. We’ve also decoupled the video content from video hardware so that it is accessible to multiple departments and decision-makers in real-time. Our platform’s built-in cloud video analytics engine and our department specific applications empower employees and managers to use video surveillance with other forms of data to solve problems and recognize opportunities in real-time.

The Solink Video Discovery Platform processes terabytes of data at a time allowing users to mine and extract value from video and other forms of data – fast. Solink syncs video surveillance footage with a POS integration and other forms of data like ATM, access control, sensor and more, for unique and detailed cloud video analytics. This level of intelligence can be useful in many applications and can help foster a data-driven culture in any organization.

The opportunities with video surveillance data are abundant. Solink has already taken care of the first step – making video a discoverable medium for advanced analytics and problem-solving.

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