How To Use Discover Dashboard To Make Business Analysis Easy

May 13, 2019
In a perfect world, you’d be able to keep an eye on how each employee performs. You would know that Johnny needs more training on the POS because he takes too long to input orders. You would know that Suzanne should train him because of her fast transaction time. Unfortunately, you can’t be everywhere at once. It’s hard to know why certain things happen if you’re only looking at the receipts at the end of the day. That’s where Solink comes in.

Solink’s Discover Dashboard makes managing employees a breeze. No more he-said-she-said discussions with staff–just the facts. The best part about it? The Discover Dashboard does all the hard work for you.

See how Solink improves your business operations.

How does Discover Dashboard help your business?

Knowing how your business is doing is necessary to plan how to move forward. The Discover Dashboard makes it easy to:

  • Improve shift performance by having your fastest employees train the slowest.
  • Watch the video surveillance footage from your top sellers to see how to improve upselling.
  • Prevent unauthorized discounts by confirming management approvals.
  • Target staff training based on how they measure up on the metrics that matter to your business.
  • Track and compare all your stores in one place.
Discover Dashboard

What is the Solink Discover Dashboard?

The Discover Dashboard gives you a simple overview of your business. It breaks down all your daily transactions into easy-to-read charts. These charts make it simple to find the outliers based on whatever metric you need to measure. You’ll know who the star employees are, who needs more training, and how your store is doing on any given day.

How does the Discover Dashboard work?

Your Discover Dashboard makes sense of the transaction details from your POS. It separates the information into charts to make it easy to find what you need.

The Discover Dashboard shows you:

  • Average transaction times
  • Average transaction amount
  • Total discounts given
  • Number of refunds processed
    …or anything else you need-no digging required.

The charts plot out all the important points you need to understand your business better. The best part is that each point pairs with relevant contextual videos. This means that you can see what Johnny’s average transaction time is, and why they took that long.

You might see that a customer kept asking questions, but he was able to find the answers. It could have been a single transaction that raised his average up. You might even see that another employee used his register because he was training them. No matter what the reason is, you’ll have the video surveillance footage to figure out what was going on in the moment. Being able to get total visibility into each POS transaction makes your job easier. You don’t have to go through receipts or scan the footage to match up transactions to the video. Solink does it all for you so you can get back to what matters, fast.

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How do you get the most value from your Discover Dashboard?

Your dashboard tracks all the information captured by your POS. So, how do you make the most out of the charts you end up with? Watch this quick video to see how to make your dashboard work for you.

Use the Dashboard to train staff, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales. When it comes to your business, there is no such thing as too much information.

The Dashboard makes it easy to see how employees perform across different metrics. You can pin an employee’s name to highlight their performance on each chart. This means you don’t have to dig through the receipts every time you have another question.

What do Solink users have to say about the Discover Dashboard?

“Solink is a convenient resource we use to identify fraud and dishonesty. But it also helps us understand our stores’ performance. The Discover Dashboard feature identified stores not following the organization’s policies and procedures. Solink helps us train associates and make changes to our policies and procedures. Solink has made a positive impact on our stores bottom line.” – Ryan Destler, National Investigator for Centric Brands.

“The Discover Dashboard gives us a clear picture of what each employee is doing on their shift. The other managers and I can’t hand-hold the employees every day and every transaction. The Dashboard shows us how we can train the staff to make improvements fast.” – Chris Andry, IT Coordinator for Felipe’s Taqueria.

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