In The News: Solink VP Talks Disrupting The Security Industry On Franchise Today Podcast

March 4, 2019
Jim FarrellJim Farrell, VP of Sales at Solink, recently spoke with Stan Friedman on his podcast, ‘Franchise Today’, to share how Solink has become one of the biggest assets that both franchisees and franchisors have access to.

Jim has been in the tech industry for most of his career, so when he discovered Solink, he knew he wanted to be a part of the team. “[Solink was] disrupting this very fat and lazy market of the traditional security and surveillance,” shared Jim as he reflected on how he came to Solink. “They were able to help the little guy have the same level of power that the big guys have, without having to incur the cost of staffing or equipment.”

“We focus on franchises not only because it helps us disrupt the system, but also because it creates a community.”

After joining Solink, Jim quickly learned that there is a strong sense of community among franchisees. “Getting to spend time with IFA members–hearing about their businesses and challenges–has been quite a fun ride and adventure. We hear about the impact of these businesses on families, and while we want to protect the brands, we want to protect the actual people as well. We have a solution that anyone with cameras and transactions can use. We focus on franchises not only because it helps us disrupt the system, but also because it creates a community.”

We’re working with our clients to better the community.

Jim shared how working with franchises led Solink to partnerships with charitable organizations. “We work with a large brand called Tim Hortons who operate a long-running children’s foundation…This year we decided we wanted to make a more significant pledge. We pledged that every time someone added another Tim Hortons location to our service, we were going to donate $100 to the foundation; if we reached a certain milestone, we would double the donation. We reached our goal and were able to donate $100,000 to their Children’s Foundation. We’re looking forward to our future opportunities with that organization, [and] also how we can team up with our other partners. We are looking to make a scalable and significant impact with our partners and their charitable efforts.”

We take the data you’re already collecting, and make it work for you.

The evolution of Solink came out of looking at the way security systems were being used, and how there wasn’t really much of a return on investment. Stan compared Solink to the evolution of Smartphone technology, turning a previously one-function tool into a multi-purpose tool. Jim continued by explaining how that type of disruption helped inspire the creation of Solink.

“Why can’t we take that system and give it software that allows it to evolve with the needs of the customer?”

“You have this device, set of devices, or a system, and you only use it for one purpose. It wasn’t very efficient or fun to use, but at least you had this necessity. Think of it as having insurance, you want to be able to go to the video clip, but at the time it was this 24-hour recording system; a necessary evil but not easy to use… There’s also a cost associated with it at the start of a venture, but it’s not necessarily giving you a return on your investment. The cameras return is that you’ll have this insurance policy if you need it. That’s something we looked at as an area of disruption; as I said earlier, it’s this fat and lazy system and not a value purchase. So we said, why isn’t it? Why can’t we take that system and give it software that allows it to evolve with the needs of the customer?

Solink Tim Hortons
Solink celebrates their franchisees and the causes they believe in. We donated $100,000 to the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation and are excited to partner with more organizations.

“We looked at how we can work with existing cameras? Digital or analog. We look at how we can integrate with the POS systems. A lot of the time our upfront cost is zero because we integrate this value based technology with your existing system.”

We give our clients exactly what they want.

When discussing the usability of the system, Jim pointed out that Solink is not only easy to use, but also gives clients the opportunity to voice their feedback. This feedback is actually used when making changes and designing new features.

“When we had a customer say to us, ‘it’d be really cool if I could draw on an area because I think I’m losing inventory.” Three months later we released that feature; you can draw on the camera app and get details of every time that area was touched. When we showed it to the customer, he said, ‘It is exactly what I told you I wanted.'”

Listen to Jim share his experiences with franchises and Solink on the podcast and hear how businesses everywhere are filling their toolbox with great tech and software.

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