From POS Text Overlay to Integrated Video Analytics: How to save time with intelligent systems

April 23, 2019
Finding evidence in surveillance video has remained a a very time-consuming process involving a slow and painful manual search through hours of footage. For many years, it seemed like everything else in a brick-and-mortar business–the cash registers, POS systems, alarms, anti-theft devices, and even the kitchen equipment–were becoming space-aged, while the good ol’ recorder in the back room continued to pool endless hours of nearly-useless footage.

But in reality, the security industry has seen some incredible advancements in technology, and POS Text Overlay is one of those. But of course it doesn’t end there: Text Overlay is just the beginning of Transaction Integration.

What’s the point of text overlay?

Auditing transactions used to mean looking at two completely separate systems (the POS or ATM machine and the security cameras) and trying to manually match a receipt to a few minutes of footage. This is known as time and location search. It limits you to just reactive investigations; you have to have a suspicion that fraud took place at a certain time and place before you look for the evidence. Otherwise there is just too much data and footage to review.

How text overlay simplifies your search:

Traditional investigation or auditing of transactions required you to:

  • Find out about suspicious transactions
  • Get the time of targeted transactions
  • Pull up transactions in the POS records
  • On video system, search the video by the time
  • Watch the recorded video
  • Compare video to transactions

With text overlay, your search is automatically 40% faster with these simpler steps:

  • Find out about suspicious transactions
  • Get the time of targeted transactions
  • Search the video by the time
  • Review the video with transaction information
Store Pos Station Birdseye View
HOW SOLINK WORKS: Solink’s text overlay feature allows you to see items purchased, staff name, time, date, and transaction type. It’s easy to spot an employee who needs training to use your POS properly, or who may even be intentionally thieving.

Text overlay: part 1 for improving investigations

While the technology helped people to detect internal and external fraud in a completely new way, it has its limits. If you don’t have a DVR with built-in text overlay, you will have to buy the additional hardware device and connect it to the DVR, and this can become very expensive. Some of these devices cost upwards of $500, which can really add up if you are monitoring multiple locations.

4 Solink Screen Mockup
With Solink, innovation come standard: Solink was developed to be a hassle-free multi-tasking tool. Text overlay is standard, and Solink is billed as a subscription. This means you’ll always have the most up-to-date version, at no extra cost, with all the newest tools.

Exception-based reporting: Part 2 of easier investigations

The real improvement to investigations comes with exception-based reporting. With text overlay in place, we can then provide alerts and notifications based on certain trigger text–a menu item or transaction type, for example. With exception-based reporting, a transaction that meets your customized filters is flagged, and then triggers an action such as sending an alert or being added to a report.

Some examples of filters and conditions:

  • transactions marked with “void”
  • transactions less/greater than or equal to a certain amount
  • transactions with a discount

Exception-based reporting can make auditing and investigation extremely fast. Instead of conducting periodical audits or waiting to learn about potential fraud before investigating, you can be notified about high risk transactions in real-time as they happen.

Video And Transaction Matching
Solink is renown for it’s user-friendly interface. If you can search on your search engine, you can search in Solink.

Moving beyond investigations: text overlay + video will change how you do business

Moving beyond loss prevention, transaction details overlayed onto video also gives you greater insight to a huge range of important moments. Here’s a short list of how Solink clients get the most out of our video + transaction dashboard:

  • employee theft
  • customer experience issues
  • slips and falls
  • product theft
  • motion and unusual activity
  • empty shelves and cleanliness
  • fast and slow service
  • inventory shrink and loss
  • … easily tracked via Solink real-time alerts + daily digests.
Features Of Solink 1
Solink is as good at multi-tasking as you are. Our suite of standard features gives you one great mobile app that you can check on anytime, anywhere in the world.

Get your time back; take advantage of a text overlay feature

It wasn’t that long ago that we had to search manually through receipts and video footage to find a problem. But finally, your video system is joining the modern era! After all, time–yours and your staff’s–is the most precious resource you’ve got. So it’s wise to get back that valuable time with easier investigations, automatic alerts, and multi-purpose features like the ones offered by Solink.

Interested in seeing more? Let one of our team members take you on a personalized tour of Solink!