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Case management

Case management is the act of consistently documenting incidents with detailed records, often using specialized case management software (CMS).

What is case management?

Case management involves documenting incidents as they unfold in real time by including all available evidence, from detailed notes to video footage, POS transaction records, and alarm notifications. Incidents can include anything from a slip-and-fall to the apprehension of a shoplifter.

Solink’s Video Alarms services expands the ability to restrict access by providing an earlier warning of intrusion, real-time alerts that allow alarm verification, and more. Instead of just controlling access through doors and windows, video alarms monitor entire areas, making it easier to spot unauthorized visitors. It’s also easier to set up time-specific alarms so that you can, for example, lock off the loading dock outside of shipping and receiving hours.

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Why is case management important?

Case management serves many purposes, but it is worth emphasizing three of them.

  • First, while an incident occurs at one moment in time, the cases do not close immediately. Employee theft, warehouse accidents, etc. can take several months or years to resolve and it is important to track and document the entire process.
  • Second, without proper case management, the resolution of incidents can be less favorable. Taking the two examples above, without proper case management, employee theft could reoccur leading to greater inventory shrinkage, while improper documentation of accidents might not improve the safety of the work environment.
  • Third, case management processes can reduce the frequency of incidents. Ultimately, high-quality case management provides knowledge about how and why incidents occur so that you can reduce their likelihood of happening in the future.

In summary, case management allows you to track incidents from occurrence to outcome, improve the resolution of incidents, and prevent future incidents.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.