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Video content analytics

Video content analytics (VCA) is the ability to automatically analyze and interpret video for events.

What is video content analytics?

Video content analytics (VCA) consists of a number of different functionalities, often provided by algorithms, which provide different results. Some of these are commonly known, such as license plate recognition or video tracking. These different tools allow for a very broad range of information to be provided.

VCA is often used in entertainment, healthcare, home automation, safety and, of course, business security.

The term video content analytics is sometimes used to describe the analysis of followers or subscribers, in particular for social media. Here, we use the term to refer to the analysis of video content for the purpose of gaining business insights.

Why is video content analytics important?

Video content analytics has been around for many years. However, its ongoing development means it is being used in a wider and wider range of applications in recent years. It has significant applications in law enforcement, where it can be used to track suspects. It can also be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence to analyze video and recognize people or objects.

Video content analytics can be used by companies to track the movement of customers and employees. This leads to great business insights. For example, tracking footfalls allows companies to measure many new metrics, such as conversion rates and average value of a visitor.

In addition to monitoring for shrinkage, there are other important things that VCA can monitor. Examples of some of the most important ones include fire and smoke monitoring, tamper detection, and motion detection.