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IP camera

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are security cameras that are controlled by an IP network and transmit their video (and sometimes audio) data digitally.

What are IP cameras?

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are controlled using an IP network and transmit data digitally. By using the IP networking standards, some IP cameras do not need local storage to work. However, regulations may require you to keep storage on premises regardless.

IP cameras connect to a network in one of two main ways: WiFi or a power over Ethernet (PoE) cable. PoE cables provide both power and network access for transmission and reception. When WiFi is chosen, the cameras still need to be powered, using either a battery or being plugged in through an adapter.

Here is a separate article that discusses everything you need to know about business security camera systems, including IP cameras.

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Why are IP cameras important?

IP cameras are the future of business security cameras. They have largely replaced analog cameras for new purchases. That’s because they are more reliable, generally offer higher resolution, provide data in a digital format that makes video analytics easier, and are cost-effective.

Solink is compatible with most IP cameras on the market today. Here’s a comprehensive list of the security cameras compatible with Solink’s platform.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.