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A video management system (VMS) helps businesses record, analyze, and store video footage automatically so that they can extract useful information from their cameras for security purposes as well as general business insights.

What is VMS?

A video management system (VMS) provides a way to organize the automated interpretation of video. It combines the hardware, such as security cameras and local and cloud storage, and software, such as video analytics platforms like Solink, required to interpret video data.

A VMS has several main functions, including the recording, storage, and analysis of video footage. However, the main goal of a VMS is to connect to many different subsystems that have traditionally been siloed and provide more value by bringing them together.

Find suspicious cash handling within your business

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Why is VMS important?

A VMS provides a lot of valuable information to business owners. The value can be separated into the obvious value created in the loss prevention and security space and the value provided to all other departments.

Loss prevention and security are enhanced through many of the core features of a VMS:

  • Motion detection
  • Video alarms
  • POS, security camera, and access control integrations

However, the value of a VMS does not end with enhanced security and improved loss prevention. A VMS can provide a higher ROI through increased sales, better customer service, and reduced expenses. The benefits go even further if you choose a cloud VMS.

For example, Solink’sheat maps can improve the layout of your store, leading to more and bigger sales. You can even use video analytics to find instances of retraining needs for better customer service.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.