Beyond Security: Upgrade Your DVR System with a Cloud Video Surveillance Software

January 4, 2023
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Beyond Security: Enhancing a DVR System with Software

A better DVR system is now a reality.

For businesses, DVR security systems are the foundation of all good security and loss prevention strategies. DVR (Digital Video Recording) systems utilize digital cameras to keep an eye on your business, and record footage for later use or review. These CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras ensure you’ve got visibility into incidents and events on site–provided you know what and when you’re looking for and have time to search manually through the footage.

Why DVR systems aren’t cutting it

It’s rare these days for a business’ complex needs to be met by a system as simple as the standard DVR system. Business owners want deeper insight into what’s happening when they’re not on-site to supervise or oversee; and entrepreneurs are fighting against a rapidly-evolving world of business problems that can’t be solved by a stream of recorded video alone:

Theft in the workplace is getting trickier. Many external and internal theft or business fraudtechniques are now harder to recognize on typical DVR systems alone, as multi-functional POS systems allow employees to click on markdown discounts, employee pricing, and refunds, all while still appearing to complete a normal transaction from the viewpoint of a video surveillance camera.

See how Solink’s integrations can help with your business operations.

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Sales are getting more competitive. The line between profit and poorhouse is thinner than ever, with the costs of business skyrocketing. POS video may tell you if the store was busy during the evening shift, but it won’t tell you if staff were remembering to upsell at the cash or if a particular product could be scratched off your order list. Your typical CCTV cameras can’t pinpoint transaction data to help you plan next steps.

Managers need to maximize floorspace. No one has the time to review a month’s worth of video surveillance footage to see why the gadgets in aisle J just aren’t selling. Have consumers had enough of that product, or is the aisle poorly merchandized? This kind of insight calls for more than a stream of daily footage from a CCTV system alone.

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Time is worth more than ever. As the speed of business gets faster, business owners and managers have less time to chase down a petty theft. The trouble is, those daily missing donuts can really add up by the end of the year, and it would take ages to review footage on a typical DVR.

Staffing needs to be worth its weight. With minimum wage increases driving overhead through the roof, managers and owners need to be sure that their business is properly staffed for each day and shift. And there’s no way they’ve got time to micromanage by reviewing DVR footage seeking to see when staff are hanging out in the back room or taking extra breaks.

One business, 15 software apps. Businesses are facing ‘death of a thousand costs’. It’s a problem when you’ve got a program for inventory, another for POS insights, another for business security, another for fleet tracking…before long, your costs are sky-high and only a few of these providers will offer complimentary upgrades…oh, the upgrade pains…

Solink improves your DVR security system to prevent employee theft and optimize business operations

Solink is a cloud video surveillance app and platform that connects with your existing security camera system, plus your POS system and just about any other digital system desired–your inventory scanners, digital door locks, employee key cards, drive thru sensors…the list goes on. By synchronizing your video surveillance footage with the POS data, Solink provides context for that endless stream of video. But even better: Solink creates clips of footage specifically around transactions, unusual keypad entries, late-night door access, and even motion in key areas of the site.

So how does Solink solve the issues we’ve listed?

Solink knows how to catch a thief. Voids, employee discounts, markdowns, and other employee theft scams are quickly caught when you’ve got a visual overlay of every POS transaction, allowing you to see if something questionable went down at the cash. Best yet: Solink’s filters can be set to watch for specific codes or discounts, and can provide you a list of clips each day. No searching, no guesswork.

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Solink tracks sales with cloud video analytics and footage as context. Solink provides an entire dashboard for viewing each employee’s sales stats, with clickable video clips to show you exactly what happened. Got an employee who’s slower on cash but consistently outsells her coworkers? Watch her technique in action and see for yourself if customers are leaving with a smile or a frown for the extra time spent.

Using floor space and staff to max capacity is easier. Solink has a great heatmap feature that allows you to watch for dead spots on your salesfloor where product may not be moving due to poor foot traffic or merchandizing. It’s also useful if you want to see where staff are hanging out: got bright red splotches in the breakroom on a Sunday? Reviewing the heatmap can help you determine if you’re possibly overstaffed, giving everyone too much spare time to waste.

Saving time and money is, surprisingly, easier. You might think that installing a software platform like Solink would add to your costs, but our clients find it to be a cost- and time-saver many times over. You won’t need ten apps anymore–just Solink, the master multi-tasker–which can mean both a savings of money and time. Logging into one intuitive app that gives you a full rundown on profits, people, and product will conserve your time. And because Solink is a subscription-based cloud video surveillance software that connects with your existing security camera system and business hardware, you’ve only got one monthly fee to worry about. Even better: regular updates and versions are included in your subscription, so there’s no need to spend money on new iterations.

DVR Security System

It’s time to modernize your business security system.

It’s pretty clear how Solink takes your existing surveillance system and enhances it with a multitude of new tools. If you’re curious to see this all in action, book a demo today with one of our reps and we’ll show you in real-time how Solink works.

It’s time to get more from your business security tools. The DVR should be the start, not the endgame, for your success.

To see all the ways Solink can help your business, book a demo today.