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Replace your CCTV multiplexer board with Solink Video Wall

A man sitting at a desk looking at a monitor with several images on it.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Solink Video Wall is a state-of-the-art solution designed to replace traditional CCTV multiplexer boards. This innovative technology offers a more efficient, integrated approach to surveillance, streamlining your security operations with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces. Discover how Solink Video Wall can enhance your surveillance capabilities.

See how Solink can complete your CCTV security system.

A man sitting at a desk looking at a monitor with several images on it.

What is a CCTV multiplexer board?

A CCTV multiplexer board is an essential component in some analog surveillance systems, designed to consolidate video feeds from multiple cameras into a single video stream. This technology enables the simultaneous display and recording of multiple camera feeds on a single monitor or recording device. 

Multiplexer boards typically come equipped with various input channels to accommodate multiple cameras and have the capability to switch between these feeds either manually or automatically. They often support various video formats and may include features like picture-in-picture display, time-lapse recording, and motion detection. By effectively managing multiple video sources, a CCTV multiplexer board enhances the efficiency and scope of surveillance systems.

What are CCTV multiplexer boards used for?

CCTV multiplexer boards are primarily used in surveillance and security systems where monitoring multiple areas simultaneously is crucial. They find extensive application in environments such as retail stores, office buildings, parking lots, schools, and more. 

In these settings, multiplexers enable security personnel to keep an eye on various locations without the need for multiple monitors, thereby simplifying the surveillance process. They also play a pivotal role in recording, as they allow multiple video streams to be recorded onto a single storage device, making it easier to archive and retrieve footage. 

Additionally, in complex security setups, they can integrate with alarm systems and motion detectors to provide enhanced security measures.

Are CCTV multiplexer boards obsolete?

The notion of CCTV multiplexer boards being obsolete is not fairly accurate. While it’s true that the advent of cloud-based surveillance systems has reduced the reliance on traditional analog multiplexers, these boards still have a place in many security systems, especially those that use or integrate with analog cameras. 

Multiplexer boards remain relevant in scenarios where upgrading the entire surveillance system to digital is either cost-prohibitive or unnecessary. Furthermore, they continue to be useful in hybrid systems that combine analog and digital technologies. Modern multiplexer boards have also evolved, offering higher resolutions, compatibility with digital technologies, and network connectivity, thus ensuring their continued applicability in the evolving landscape of surveillance technology.

Whether you use analog, digital, or both types of security cameras, Solink’s Video Wall can replace the need for a traditional CCTV multiplexer.

10 CCTV multiplexer boards available today

In the ever-advancing field of surveillance technology, CCTV multiplexer boards remain a key component for effective security monitoring. This section highlights 10 currently available CCTV multiplexer boards. These devices are designed to meet a diverse range of security requirements, ensuring high performance and adaptability across various surveillance setups, from small-scale operations to complex, integrated systems.

1. CCTV Camera World's video multiplexers

These multiplexers are versatile tools, designed to integrate video signals from several CCTV security cameras or other analog video devices for display on a single monitor. They are known for their robust performance, capable of handling multiple video streams from both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. 

Their functionality extends to various settings, making them suitable for retail, commercial, and residential security systems. These devices simplify the complex task of monitoring multiple feeds, ensuring that security personnel can easily keep an eye on different areas simultaneously.

2. CCTV Camera Pros' video multiplexers

Crafted for efficiency, these multiplexers are a boon in legacy security systems, where they excel in amalgamating video from numerous CCTV cameras. They are especially beneficial for recording combined video feeds onto video surveillance VCRs. 

Their ability to consolidate multiple video sources into a single output stream not only saves on hardware costs but also streamlines the surveillance process. These multiplexers are a top choice for older security systems that require a seamless upgrade to manage multiple video inputs effectively.

3. Security Camera King's CCTV camera multiplexers

These units are engineered to merge video transmission signals from several cameras into a single transmission channel. They are an optimal choice for setups where processors, VCRs, DVRs, and monitors have a limitation of a single input. 

These multiplexers address the challenge of integrating multiple camera feeds into a unified system, making them essential for businesses or institutions that need to monitor various spaces without the need for multiple processing units.

4. CCTV Camera Pros VM-16RT

The VM-16RT is a comprehensive 16-channel multiplexer supporting analog cameras with BNC connectors. It’s adaptable to various analog video devices using BNC to RCA converters. This multiplexer is well-suited for large-scale surveillance operations, offering the flexibility to connect a wide range of camera types and ensuring reliable, high-quality video transmission. 

Its robust design and capacity to handle multiple channels make it an excellent choice for expansive surveillance networks like shopping centers, parking lots, and large commercial complexes.

5. CCTV Camera Pros VM-HD4

This 4-channel HD video multiplexer is compatible with analog CCTV and HD-over-Coax cameras, supporting resolutions up to 4K. Its diverse output options, including HDMI, VGA, or BNC, make it a versatile choice for high-resolution surveillance systems. 

The VM-HD4 is particularly valued in settings where clarity and detail are paramount, such as in high-security areas, banks, and casinos. It’s also user-friendly, enabling easy setup and operation, which is a significant advantage in rapidly changing security environments.

6. CCTV Camera Pros VM-HD16

The VM-HD16 is designed to manage 16-channel video inputs from a variety of camera types, including AHD, HDCVI, and HD-TVI. This multiplexer is distinguished by its ability to support both analog and HD CCTV cameras, offering a flexible solution for complex security networks. 

It’s ideal for scenarios requiring extensive camera coverage, such as city surveillance, large industrial sites, or multi-level office buildings. Its capability to integrate different camera technologies into a single system makes it a future-proof investment for growing security needs.

7. Installer CCTV Video Quad Color 4CH multiplexer

This 4-channel multiplexer is adept at connecting multiple CCTV security cameras and other analog devices, offering several display modes. It simplifies the surveillance process in smaller setups, like residential properties or small businesses. 

Its plug-and-play design and ease of installation make it a popular choice for users looking for a hassle-free surveillance solution. The multiplexer is also appreciated for its durability, with a PVC-protected casing ensuring longevity and protection against environmental factors.

8. 4 Channel Analog Color Quad Processor

This video splitter and multiplexer effectively combines video signals from multiple CCTV cameras. It’s particularly useful in environments where space and resources are limited but surveillance needs are high. 

The device provides a clear, uninterrupted video feed, making it an effective tool for retail stores, small offices, or educational institutions. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can manage their surveillance needs effectively.

9. CCTV Camera Pros VM-99509

The VM-99509 is a 9-channel HD CCTV video multiplexer that supports various camera types including AHD, HD-TVI, and HDCVI. It’s a great fit for medium-scale surveillance systems where flexibility in display configurations on a single monitor is desired. 

This multiplexer is particularly beneficial in environments like medium-sized business premises, parking lots, or educational campuses where monitoring multiple areas simultaneously is crucial. Its ability to accommodate different camera formats makes it a versatile and practical choice for a range of surveillance needs.

10. American Dynamics multiplexers (various models)

The American Dynamics range, including models like DMV96Q-1 and DMV14Q-1, is known for supporting various alarm events and video loss detection. These multiplexers are tailored for complex surveillance setups, offering features like multiple channel support, alarm integration, and advanced video processing capabilities. 

They are ideal for high-security areas such as airports, government buildings, or large-scale commercial complexes where advanced surveillance and security integration are required. Their robust functionality and reliability make them a trusted choice for demanding security environments.

As the landscape of surveillance technology evolves, traditional tools are making way for more advanced, integrated solutions. A prime example of this transition is the emergence of the Solink Video Wall, which is a modern replacement for traditional CCTV multiplexer boards. 

Solink’s innovative approach to video surveillance merges cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, offering a seamless, comprehensive monitoring experience. By integrating video feeds, analytics, and security insights on a single platform, Solink not only streamlines the surveillance process but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of security operations. This shift signifies a new era in video surveillance management systems, where simplicity, advanced analytics, and real-time insights converge to provide superior security solutions.

To see how Solink Video Wall makes CCTV multiplexer boards obsolete, sign up for a demo today.