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How &pizza Integrates Solink, 7shifts, And Toast To Optimize Restaurant Operations

February 6, 2019
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When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to waste on inefficient systems. Tracking scheduling, transactions, and security systems can be time consuming–but not when you have the right technology to make the most of all the data you receive every day. That’s why platforms like Solink, Toast, and 7shifts are the future of business.

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Our friends at &pizza embrace this modern approach of using technology to maximize their efficiency, and have shared their story with us. Christopher Treloar is a district leader at the popular franchise, and he has found that by incorporating Solink, Toast, and 7shifts into the business they could create a seamless system to manage security, staffing, and inventory control.

“Being able to combine 7shifts, Solink, and Toast, makes it very easy for me to look at specific instances. I can tie up my schedule to people clocking in; I can then use the camera system to make sure the correct people are clocking in.”

Treloar has seen the advantages of these systems every day, and has found that it’s become his best asset in running his business. “One of the things that has been difficult in my past has been trying to link up all of these different systems to get the best, most accurate detail possible.” By having these three platforms operating simultaneously, Chris has full visibility into everything that keeps his stores running.

See how Solink accelerates your quick-service restaurant operations.

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“One of the things I love about Solink is that we can see the transaction overlay on the video; it’s clear and shows when anyone rings something up on the drawer.” Toast’s system integrates perfectly with the Solink platform, so that all transactions are easily reviewed. Being able to track your busy times helps you figure out when you need to have more staff on hand; and with the data from these collaborative platforms, you can choose to up that staffing with teammates who are putting in the most work, and making you the most money.

Having access to these platforms creates an opportunity for restaurant owners to improve every aspect of their business. It’s the perfect time to discover your own perfect mix of business technology.

Find out how Solink, 7shifts, and Toast can help your company; contact one of our reps, or attend the Solink + Toast + 7shifts webinar on Modernizing Your Restaurant with Smart Tech. Get the details here.

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