Solink is an ‘Essential’ Business Security Service Provider, So How Can We Help?

March 27, 2020

How crucial is in-store and on-site security at a time when panicked (as well as opportunistic) people may be inclined to take advantage of shutdowns, lockdowns and curfews?

The U.S. federal government, in a memorandum on March 19, confirmed that security professionals and related service providers are indeed considered essential and exempt from any lockdowns. This includes Solink.

In Canada, as provincial governments impose their own mandatory closings of businesses deemed to be “non-essential,” similar exemptions have been made for businesses that provide business security services. This includes private security guards, and businesses that provide video monitoring or surveillance equipment and services. Again, Solink.

What’s interesting about that U.S. government memorandum is the responsibility and obligation it places on security professionals to remain on the job, maintaining their regular work schedules.

This is of course vital for loss prevention, asset protection and to ensure buildings remain secure as COVID-19 forces suspension of regular business operations and oversight. Any and all critical infrastructure must always be protected with a security system. It’s also imperative that any manufacturing and logistics operations that are producing and distributing supplies and equipment considered crucial to the fight against COVID-19 be secured as well.

Business person checking their phone and laptop.

So, where does that leave you – the security professional with clients who are demanding more, or the business owner/operator in need of a stronger security posture – at a time when resources and capabilities are being stretched to the max?

The needs are manifest. A family business owner or franchisee is concerned about asset protection and break-ins during a forced shutdown. A mid-to-large enterprise with remote assets and facilities now has fewer, if any, staff onsite to look after things.

“Essential” has always been Solink’s middle name. We simply can’t support our customers and win their trust if we don’t make ourselves an essential part of how they secure their operations.

Woman talking on the smart phone in the officeIt’s for that reason that we have made such extensive investments in our customer service backbone. How would we otherwise be able to walk the talk with a two-minute response guarantee, 24-7? Or confidently say that we have a partner in every geography we serve to ensure on-site help is no more than an hour away for any of our customers?

In these volatile times, and at any time, you can rely on Solink’s business security system as an essential part of your security response. We take that responsibility seriously and we always have. It’s reflected in how we prioritize the needs of our customers.

As an essential service in a time of crisis, Solink remains fully committed and on the job. We can provide you with the assurance that can only come from having a cloud-based remote monitoring video surveillance system that lets you see into anywhere you have a camera, at any time and from any device.

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