Solink News: Real-time Alerts are Live

November 27, 2018
Want to get notified whenever someone opens the safe in your office, uses the back door, or cashes a $100 bill? Solink is excited to introduce real-time alerts that notify you of key events you wish to track–on your smartwatch, smartphone, or computer, no matter where you are. Real-time alerts get pushed directly to your device thanks to Solink’s mobile apps, both Android and iOS.

Solink iWatch Notification

Our clients told us how much they wanted real-time alerts whenever important events happen. With this update, Solink gives users more control over all their locations by introducing the ability to receive alerts directly through the web or Solink mobile apps. And if you’ve got a smartwatch, you can get alerts right to your wrist.

Use the real-time alerts to keep track of these common red flags:

  • View when someone uses the fire exit without an emergency
  • Keep track of backroom activity
  • Be alerted to motion around the safe
  • View any transaction with a void
  • Keep tabs on sales involving employee discounts
  • Be alerted to refunds over a certain value
  • …and much more!
Solink Homepage Smart Reports Loop

The notification takes users directly to the event in question–no need to log-in or jump through any hoops, allowing for unparalleled control and flexibility in business operations. Monitor all locations in real-time, addressing events as they occur, from wherever you are at the time. Now Solink users have eyes instantly on any activity they wish to track.

Solink understands that business owners and their teams don’t want to be flooded with alerts, so users are given lots of options to customize what notifications get pushed to mobile devices. If notifications are missed on mobile, they are easily viewable on the web: alerts are displayed directly through Windows or Mac OS, so users never miss a thing.

Already have Solink and want to learn more details about using and setting up your alerts? Head here.

Ready to receive real time alerts on the things that impact your business?