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Product Updates

Easily Group Locations and Export User Data

Take a look at our most recent additions to Solink aimed at helping you keep your locations organized and retrieve important user data.

Location Management

Whether you have 10, 100, or 1,000 locations relying on Solink, our new Location Management feature allows you to easily filter and organize your locations all in-app.

Location tags help you filter down to only the current locations you want to view, keeping the data on the page relevant to selected locations.

You can filter tagged locations right from the Dashboard, Events, Videos and Clips page:

Location Management

Location Management can help larger companies with multiple locations tag stores based on custom groups such as Brand, Region, Zone and District. Even users with just a handful of locations can benefit from organizing their locations with tags.

Users with certain permissions can create tags and assign them to locations, providing you with a simple way to keep locations organized.

To create and manage location tags, head to the Location Management page in Settings. Ensure you are an Admin user to get started and check out our Location Management Guide for more information.

Export User Data

You can now export all of your Solink user data into a .csv file directly from the Users page in Settings. User data included in the spreadsheet file includes user email, name, last login, cell phone number (if applicable), user type (standard or admin) and user role (if applicable).


For more information on how to export user data in Solink, see our Help Center here.