Product Updates

We released several big updates last year – let’s take a look back at some of the impactful changes we delivered to you in 2022.

We listened to what you wanted out of Solink and delivered – from better report creation to camera linking – and more.

Here are a few of the many enhancements we made in 2022:

Threshold Notifications

Late in 2022, we launched Threshold Notifications. Stay on top of key metrics and receive a notification when certain data points are reached.

Want to get notified when gross revenue dips below a certain amount? Or if discounts exceed a set quantity? These are just a few examples of notifications you can get with Threshold Notifications. Sign up for alerts through SMS, email and/or your daily or weekly digests.

threshold notifications gif

Camera Linking

Camera Linking makes it easier than ever to navigate between adjacent cameras on our Web and iOS applications, all without any setup required.

Solink analyzes close to a million data points per camera, per day to determine motion patterns across adjacent cameras. From there, Solink auto-magically configures camera links to improve your viewing experience.

This will save you time when:

✅ Tracking suspects

✅ Conducting investigations

✅ Performing site audits

See it in action ⬇️

Video Alarms Monitoring Service Released in Canada

We released our Video Alarms Monitoring Service subscription service in 2021 to U.S. customers and brought that experience to Canada early in 2022. Since then, monitored alarms have helped many of our users prevent and catch break-ins, theft and more.

When you subscribe to Monitored Video Alarms, a professionally trained agent reviews video whenever an alarm is triggered – taking the burden off of you and your alarm contacts to determine whether there is a threat to person or property.

We look forward to expanding on this service throughout 2023.

When speaking to our users, it was evident that the majority of their false alarms were being triggered by motion events caused either by employees coming in early/staying late, or by after-hour deliveries. These events typically happen during scheduled Arm periods, by people who have the right to be on premise, but aren’t trusted to have Solink App access. It became apparent that our users wanted to know who was staying late, “late close” or coming in early, “early open” as a key operational analytic. These were all challenges our Solink team set out to solve.

phone arm and disarm

The Phone Arm / Disarm feature for Video Alarms leverages your existing equipment to provide a new way to disarm your Solink alarm system; by picking up a physical phone at your location and dialing a code to disarm the system.

We continued to enhance Solink Video Alarm capabilities this year with the introduction of alarm schedule exceptions.

Add a schedule exception rule in solink

Set exceptions for those times when you need to arm or disarm the alarm outside of the regular alarm schedule. For instance, set an exception to arm during a holiday or to disarm during location renovations.

Schedule exceptions continue to provide increased flexibility when it comes to Solink Video Alarms.

The search functionality on the Events page leveled up early in 2022, allowing you to filter and focus on events that matter most.

Enhanced Search Bar

With the enhanced search bar, you can search and filter POS transactions using several different categories – including by employee name, discount or void amount, register ID and payment type. Or filter your motion events from specific cameras, alarm events, system health metrics and more.

Once you have a search that you like, you can save the search as a report and revisit it later on, or use the data from the report to display helpful widgets on the Dashboard page.

Multi-Page Dashboard

Multi-Page DashboardDashboard pages were added to help reduce clutter and improve organization of your widgets.

Create widget tags to sort your widgets into different pages, stay organized and reduce widget load times.

What’s Next

Make sure you stay tuned for all that’s coming up in 2023 – we’ll be sharing our roadmap at the upcoming Solink Secure Summit User Conference, an event you won’t want to miss. Learn more about the conference and register here.

In the meantime, stay up to date with all of our product announcements by subscribing to our monthly newsletter or visit the What’s New section of our help center. Thanks for taking the time to revisit all of the updates we delivered for you in 2022.