November 2022 Product Update

November 30, 2022

Welcome to November’s product update. This month we released the Android Dashboard. The Solink Dashboard, already available on iOS, can now be accessed by Android users, making it easier than ever to access data anywhere, anytime.

Attention Android Users – Your Solink Mobile Dashboard is Here 📱

Solink is more than just your video surveillance provider. We provide you with real, actionable information, empowering you to improve margins and grow your business.

Solink Dashboards consolidate key POS transaction and video data and display it in a variety of helpful widgets, such as:

  • Customer Transactions per hour
  • Discounts over $20
  • Total Refunds per employee

Login to the web application at to customize your Dashboard or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Solink's November update for dashboards on mobile devices

In case you missed it, on October 27th Solink launched the highly anticipated Threshold Notifications

Threshold Notifications tell you when your key metrics are not where they should be by alerting you via SMS, email, and/or your daily or weekly digest. Use video and transactions together to validate and/or explain the cause of these outliers.

Reduce the noise of notifications and get to what matters most. Threshold Notifications keep you informed on the most important metrics without spending hours combing through endless data.

Eliminate manual interpretation and uncover the root cause of your anomalies fast, expediting the investigation and research process. We can still notify you on individual outlier transactions, but with Threshold Notifications, we can now also update you when your business exceeds the limits set for a group of transactions.

threshold notifications gif

Learn more about Threshold Notifications and watch a video overview here.

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