Product Updates

This post takes a look back at some of the updates we delivered. Some of you might already be familiar with a few of these updates, but we hope you also discover something new.

Let’s dive in and take a look.

People Counting/Conversion Rates

The Solink platform integrates video analytics with POS data, empowering you to track your business’s foot traffic and unlock valuable insights such as conversion rates, peak store hours, and average revenue per person. This enables you to visualize key metrics for a comprehensive understanding of the overall health of your business.

This data can be useful to:

  • Allocate staff and set scheduling
  • Compare, identify, and act on the performance of each location
  • Monitor offices, warehouses, and stores
A laptop, phone and tablet displaying a dashboard.

For more information on how to take advantage of People Counting and Conversion Rates within Solink, visit our Help Center.

“Are You Still Watching?”

This feature was implemented to help our customers reduce bandwidth usage and avoid unnecessary data consumption. Going forward, if you are streaming video for more than 10 minutes without any mouse or keyboard action, Solink will auto pause video playback and prompt you to select either “Back” or “Continue Watching”.

Are you still watching

Time Zone Updates

This summer, we worked on ensuring consistency in time zone behavior across the Solink platform. This update improves the experience for those of our users who manage numerous locations in multiple time zones.

Time zone updates were made on the following pages:

  • Events page
  • Clips page

“Do not record” Schedule

It came to our attention that some Solink customers might require time in the day when their cameras are not recording. Whether it be for legal reasons or personal preference, by setting a ”Do not record” period, Solink users can now specify exactly when their cameras are recording, or not recording, while maintaining the ability to stream LIVE 24/7.

Contact the Solink Support team today if you’d like to set this up for your locations.

Our engineering team was also hard at work on several exciting new features which will be announced this fall. Please be sure to read our future announcements so you don’t miss any of these updates. And as always, if you have any feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out.