The 2018 Solink Camp Day Dash

June 18, 2018

As a perennial supporter of the THCF, Solink has recently launched The $100,000 Double Double Challenge, a sales driven campaign to help raise more funds and awareness for the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. As part of this campaign, we’ll be running the Camp Day Dash, a contest to reward our Tim Hortons stores who both participate in Camp Day and sell the most coffee. We’ll be giving away complimentary months of service that we will double when applied to new locations. Solink customers will also be able to track their coffee sales through an interactive dashboard hosted by Solink and Klipfolio.

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As a way to give back to one of our biggest supporters, Solink employees will be volunteering throughout Camp Day with local Tim Hortons stores and we’ll be helping startups buy their coffee from Tim Hortons by delivering Take-12 Carafes to their offices. We hope other businesses will take notice and do the same because every cup counts.

Learn more about Camp Day, The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, and The $100,000 Double Double Challenge to see how you can get involved. You can follow the day’s events heading to your local Tim Hortons or through social media by following the #CAMPDAY hashtag.

So remember, if you’re looking for a fix on June 6, don’t forget to visit your local Tim Hortons and help send kids to camp.

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