Solink Secure Summit '23

Video Archive

In February of 2023, Solink brought their customers together for the company’s first user conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Attendees connected, built executive-level relationships, and listened to the experiences of their peers about how to fuel growth, improve ROI and use technology to bolster their processes.

Video recordings of breakouts, panels, and sessions are available below. 

Ready Together, to Plan for All Futures

Mike Matta – Solink Corporation

Video Alarm Vs. Standard Alarm Monitoring: A Head-to-Head Review

Anne Sullivan – Eye on your Brand

How to Operationalize Video Security for a Changing World

Moderator: Cathy Langley – Solink Corporation
Chris Rathgeb – Paradies Lagardère Retail Travel
Art Heredia – T-Mobile
Aaron Rogers – CNG Holdings, Inc.

Preventing Staffing Disruptions from Capsizing Your Plan

Derek Shaw – Northwest Restaurants Inc.

Panel: An Inside Look Into the Video Surveillance Transformation of Leading Brands

Moderator: Rob Tucker – Solink Corporation
William Oppermann – Chick-fil-A Inc.
Aaron Wilder – The Container Store
Bob Tucker – M&M Thrift Management Company, LLC
Randall Rusher – lululemon

Keynote: Lessons Learned from a 40 Year Career

Bob Oberosler – Dollar Tree Stores

Increasing Camera Quality While Decreasing Cost of Ownership

Ray Mahbubbi – Illumivue

Getting Smart About Camera Utilization and Optimization

Brandon Nicholson – The Spinx Company

5G: Transforming the Retail and Food Landscape

Timothy W. Schnare – Cradlepoint