A Reminder of Solink's
Security Practices

Solink prioritizes security and compliance across
every part of our business.

We understand security threats are evolving and as such we monitor and advance our security practices holistically and preemptively. We know trust is central to vendor-customer relationships and given the heightened coverage on security we put together a few points to address any questions that may arise.

If you have any questions regarding how to protect privacy and security, email our support team or contact our Live Chat.

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1. Who has access to my cameras on Solink?

  • As an administrator in Solink, you can see and manage all users that have access to your organization. Log in through solinkcloud.com on your browser and navigate to Settings → Users.


  • If users in your organization request support from our team, they will be required to turn-on Support Mode in order for our team to help troubleshoot an issue. This is accessible from the app under Settings → Preferences → Support Mode.


  • The continuous health and uptime of your system is something we take seriously. Our system automates “health alerts” if a camera, system, or network is offline or misbehaving. We collect health logs and work with customers and partners to resolve the issue.

2. How does Solink safeguard its infrastructure from internal and external threats?


  • All-access into our support and monitoring system is allowed ONLY by approved users using MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).
  • All activities by our support staff are logged and monitored.
  • We undergo annual Penetration Testing and are in the process of undergoing a recognized audit called SOC-2 Type 2 to further enhance our controls.
  • All employees undergo background checks.


  • Cameras in use by Solink are deployed in their own network segment which is not accessible to the rest of the corporate network.
  • We do not use common passwords or Super Admin credentials to access the Solink hardware.

3. What can I do to mitigate security risk in my environment?

  • Ensure that only authorized users have access to Solink.
  • Isolate your video security network from the rest of your corporate network.
  • All connections made by the on-premise equipment from your network to the Solink cloud are “out-bound” only. Corporate firewalls should be configured to block any network traffic from the public Internet to the video security equipment.
  • Review the logs of user activity in your Solink environment. These can be mailed to you on a regular basis.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to protect privacy and security, please email our support team at support@solinkcorp.com or contact our Live Chat at any time.

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