Frequently Asked Questions for our Tim Hortons Customers

  • What does Solink provide Tim Hortons?
    Solink is a subscription-based software platform that connects with your video camera system + your point of sale, then synchronizes all that footage and data to create a library of easily searchable moments in time. Solink shows both the footage and the transaction details to give you the ‘full picture’.

    This allows GMs, Managers or Owners (Operators) to have full visibility into their stores from anywhere in the world right on their own phone or laptop.

  • What will I get out of using Solink?
    Solink is a multi-tasking platform that helps your business in multiple ways. Our team can show you many ways to use Solink to protect your business from loss and improve its efficiency. Our Tim Hortons customers tell us the top 5 things they love about Solink are:

    • Daily audit emails to highlight transaction and motion areas of interest
    • Immediate access to solve a guest issue from anywhere
    • Ability to quickly share a video clip (with or without transaction data) with anyone
    • Total visibility of the business (revenue, operations, guest experience)
    • Solink’s expert investigations and support team
  • How will Solink affect my bottom line?
    Solink’s purpose is to make you more efficient. Using our platform will save you time and money:

    • Reduced travel time: 24/7 remote access to your restaurants’ video and data
    • Proactive reports: Daily reports and instant alerts identify suspicious activities / transactions
    • Exception-based reports flag patterns of activity worth reviewing or investigating
    • Eyes on your business at all times – motion detection and after-hour alerts 24/7
    • Loss prevention: reduce theft and shrinkage by quickly and efficiently detecting unusual activity or transaction types
    • Lightning-fast searching: cut directly to any timestamp, employee number, transaction, menu item, or motion on camera.
  • What’s the Pricing / new Solink rates?
    New pricing will go into effect for all current and new Solink users from Tim Hortons. Details will be announced shortly!

  • What steps are involved in getting Solink connected to my restaurants?
    Ahead of the system install, Solink asks that you provide the following information (besides normal contact information and address information of your location(s)):

    • How many functioning cameras do you currently have on site?
    • What type of cameras (IP or analog) do you have on site?
    • What POS system are you currently running? How many and where in the store?
    • Do you have any monitors on site showing your cameras? How many and where? Does your monitor support HDMI or VGA?
    • Will Solink techs need to bring any extra equipment not normally associated with a straight DVR/system swap (i.e. running extra cables, etc)?Please note that these items may be at a cost to you.
  • Do I need to buy cameras?
    You do not need to buy new cameras if you do not wish to. Solink software can sync with most existing camera systems. We work with older analog cameras and many brands of newer IP/digital cameras to ensure that you have a seamless experience swapping your old system out for our Solink system.

  • What cameras can Solink integrate with?
    We integrate with most cameras on the market in case you have a preferred camera vendor. Just ensure whatever cameras you choose are Omvif Compliant by entering the Manufacturer and/or Product nameon the Onvif website.

  • How long does the install / setup take?
    The process from when you sign your contract with us to when the system installation is complete typically takes between 3 to 4 weeks, barring any irregularities. It may take more or less time, depending on factors such as location, number of cameras, extra work required, etc.

  • Does Solink work with 360 cameras ?
    Solink does work with 360 cameras. We have current customers with 360 cameras from Hikvision, Geovision, Hanwha/Samsung and more. If you are unsure if your existing 360 camera will work with the Solink system, please reach out to us.

  • I’d like to fix my existing system. How do I do that?
    If you’re opting not to switch to Solink at this time, there are a few ways you can look into fixing your existing surveillance system:

    • Contact the vendor that sold your system.
    • Operating systems become aged and eventually are no longer supported by Microsoft. Check your version of the OS with Microsoft. If the operating systems is no longer supported, you will need to upgrade to a supported version, currently Windows 10. For example, for those customers using Windows 7, end of life will be January 14, 2020.Click here to read more.