Product Updates

This month, we continued to expand the capabilities of Video Alarms while also enhancing the user experience on the Events page.

Event Search Improvements

Search and filter your events with ease with the new and improved search bar on the Events page.

You can now choose whether the events you are searching for contain or do not contain a given search term. This helps focus your search on more specific events – for example, you can pull up all of your transactions that contain “bagel” but do not contain “coffee”:

Solink search improvement

You can also choose from a list of predefined filters to further focus your search:

For instance, you can add a filter to find transactions containing a certain Employee Name, or you can customize the Total Amount filter to find all transactions under $5, plus a lot more.

add filter button1

Event Search is now easier to use and more powerful than ever. Search and filter POS transactions by:

  • Discounts, voids, returns, refunds
  • Employee Name, ID
  • Register ID
  • Payment type, transaction ID

or filter through motion events from specific cameras, alarm events, system health metrics and much, much more!

A screen shot of a web page showing a number of images.

This makes it easy to find and review interesting events with their associated video footage so you can:

  • Identify potential operational issues or areas of improvement.
  • Detect fraud or shrink related incidents.
  • Review sales transactions by specific employee or register ID.

For more information on how to use Solink’s search functionality to your advantage, check out our Help Center article here.

Phone Arm / Disarm

The new Phone Arm / Disarm for Video Alarms feature is a helpful tool to ensure delivery drivers, cleaners, or any other individuals who require temporary access to your location are able to enter without triggering an alarm.

Phone Arm / Disarm allows a guest to disarm your Solink alarm system by picking up a landline phone at your location and dialing an access code to disarm temporarily. You can configure the amount of time the system is disarmed based on the generated PIN code (e.g. 30 minutes); you can then give this PIN code to the individual who requires access to your location so that they can enter the code on the phone’s keypad and disarm the alarm system temporarily.

phone arm-disarm1

Note: This feature is still in beta – please reach out to your Solink Account Manager if you wish to set up this feature on your account.

For more information on how to set up and use Phone Arm / Disarm, check out our Help Center article here.

Motion Alarm Previews

You can now see a preview of how many false alarms your region of interest (ROI) might trigger when configuring a motion zone during the Video Alarm setup process.

A tooltip indicates the “estimated number of motion alarms” that would have occurred in the highlighted area on the previous day (how many motion alarms during the scheduled period vs ignored by the schedule):

estimated motion zones1

This information can help you determine the effectiveness of the motion zone before you apply it during the Video Alarm setup process.

For more information on configuring a motion zone for Video Alarms, see the Help Center article here.