New Save and Share Options, Video Alarm Improvements

February 14, 2022

We’ve added some additional save and share features over the past month to provide you with more flexibility while using Solink. We have also added some additional features to Video Alarms as we continue to enhance them.

Copy and Share Link to Camera

A Copy Video Link button has been added to the video player to allow for easy camera sharing with other Solink users.

While viewing a camera (at a specific time or live), select More > Copy Video Link to get a link directly to the camera at the exact time you are viewing the footage. You can then share the link with another Solink user (as long as they have access to the same camera you are viewing).

copy video link

Recurring Alarm Schedule Exceptions

Last month, we introduced Alarm Schedule Exceptions to allow you to create exceptions for your alarm schedule (for example, automatically arm the system during a holiday or disarm the system during renovations).

Now, you can set your exceptions to repeat on the same day every month or annually. This is helpful if, for example, you know your business will be closed every Christmas. Configure the exception to arm your alarm system on December 25 of this year, then select Repeat: Annually to automatically arm the system every Christmas.

Some examples of information you might see in an alarm event include:

  • Alarm Opened: A motion event has triggered an alarm verification during scheduled alarm hours.
  • Camera Name: The names of the camera(s) where the motion event occurred (e.g: Front Door, Kitchen, etc.).
  • Verification Started: A monitoring agent has received the video and is in the process of determining if there is a threat to person or property.
  • Verification Error: The agent has experienced an issue with the video feed (e.g: unverifiable due to loading issues or inclusive threat to person or property).
  • Verified False Alarm: The monitoring agent determined there is no threat to person or property and they will include relevant details (e.g: Employee Detected).
  • Alarm Created: The monitoring agent has determined there is a real threat to person or property.
  • Police Dispatched: The police have been contacted and are on their way to the location to respond to the incident.
  • Canceled Alarm: This occurs after the monitoring agent has spoken to an alarm contact and determined the alarm should be canceled.
  • Alarm Closed: The alarm is considered resolved.

360 Video Downloads: Choose File Type

On Windows devices, you can now download saved 360 camera clips as either a ZIP or MP4 file.

Once you have saved a clip from a 360 camera, it appears on the Clips page – from here you can view the saved clip and then select the Download button to choose to download a ZIP or MP4 file.

The ZIP file includes the Solink Windows Viewer application, which allows you to view and manipulate the 360 clip offline by dragging the clip with your mouse:

solink 360 viewer live

The MP4 file displays the 360 clip in the fisheye lens style. You can view the MP4 file in any supported video program:

360 view of restaurant

Custom Week Start

You can now customize the start of a particular week when sorting and displaying data on the Dashboard and Events pages.

Solink has previously displayed data based on a fixed start and end date when sorting by “Week” from the Dashboard and Events pages. You can now change the start day of the week from Sunday to Monday, for example (or any other day of the week).

custom start of week1

Changing the start and end days of the week impacts widgets on the Dashboard page as well as the Histogram on the Events page:

custom start of week2
custom start of week3 - histogram

If you wish to change the start and end days of the week in Solink, contact our Support team to configure this data.

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