Product Announcement – Solink Video Alarms

April 30, 2020

Use video verification to remotely monitor your business from anywhere.

Introducing Video Alarms

With temporary closures and longer off hours, ensuring the security of your business through remote monitoring is essential. We designed Video Alarms to be simple in it’s setup, yet powerful in its results.

Elevate your security strategy without adding new costs.

With no technical expertise required, you can use your existing cameras to alert you of motion activity across your locations. This will save you time, avoid extra security-related costs like dispatches for false-alarms, and give you peace of mind in knowing you’re protected.

Take action immediately

Speed is your only friend when a video alarm is triggered. Not only can you verify what’s happening on the scene with remote access to your cameras through Solink’s mobile apps, but within minutes you can share a video clip of what happened with police so the investigation can begin.

Get started today! If you are an account administrator, use this interactive tour to see how easy it is to set up your own Video Alarms.

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