Product Updates

Helping customers weave between video and data is a top priority for continued innovation. We are excited to announce some important updates to our video and data timeline to help customers find the ‘needle in the haystack’.

Solink has over 200 integrations which help you unlock the untapped value of your security cameras and POS or other data systems. The integration of data from these systems can help you get the exact answers to your business’ questions. This month’s product update includes improvements to how video and data work together on the timeline.

A screen shot of a computer screen showing a video of a restaurant.

🧾 Quickly skim through events across all your cameras

🔍 The timeline now highlights the various segments of the customer journey through tooltips

📌 Quickly navigate through time by zooming in and out to uncover patterns of activity

🚀 Significant improvements were made to make all this data more responsive