Solink is ushering in the age of the smart business.

Solink is a world-class business with an industry-changing platform, offering brick-and-mortar businesses a smart way to manage operations, security, and loss prevention.

Solink is the future of smart business.

Solink is the core of the connected smart business. We’ve created the elite platform for businesses seeking a connected ecosystem that will centralize the critical functions of loss prevention and security, and provide innovative ways to rethink business intelligence and investigation.

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Solink is for everyone.

Solink is an industry disruptor because we are so accessible. Our SaaS model provides flexible subscriptions, instantaneous app updates, and manageable pricing. Our ability to integrate with existing hardware cameras, POS and sensors reduces initial setup costs to almost nil. We have designed Solink to be the smart hub for any brick-and-mortar business-- big or small, one location or one thousand.

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Solink is about the customer.

Solink strives to be the most user-friendly, effective, and intuitive platform our clients have ever used. We believe there is untapped power locked inside the data your business creates each day, and our mission is to help you tap into that intelligence.

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Solink is made possible with people.

We know that there is no success without a passionate and engaged team, and we’ve worked hard to grow and keep that talent. Our company has received numerous awards for our growing and employee-friendly workplace. In fact, we’re growing now and would love to have you as a teammate!

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