With Solink connecting your business, you're working smart.

Solink enhances your business by creating insight from your video, transactions, and other data points.

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You already work hard; Solink helps you work smart.

Solink cuts to the data you need.

No more wading through endless footage and transactions. Solink pinpoints the important moments of the day that really matter by linking your video with your transaction data and many other systems on-site.

Solink gives you visibility into every aspect of your business.

With Solink as the smart portal giving you access to synchronized video and transactions, you’ve got eyes on every store, sale, and staff member at all times.

Solink informs better decisions.

Business intelligence paired with video evidence means you get the whole story. Find better solutions to challenges when you’re armed with insights into your transactions, speed of service, backroom activity, and daily compliance.

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Solink Features

As the hub of your connected business, Solink offers a wealth of features—all designed for ease of use, so you can access all the insights without breaking a sweat.

Get more value from your video.

Video + data in perfect sync means Solink can pinpoint anything from staff performance to backroom activity. Our motion features, flawless 360 camera mapping, and automatic reports make video your new best investment.

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Solink Product Video
Solink Security Motion Alerts Badge

Motion Alerts

Watch for unusual motion by setting regions of your camera views and always be alerted when activity happens.

Solink Product Region Badge

Region Select

Custom tracking on specific store areas provides insight into regular activity.

Solink Loss Prevention Multi Search Badge

Multifaceted Search

Input a keyword in the search, or simply highlight any word or name in a transaction. We'll pull up all events with matching data.

View, find, and track.

Solink gives you a wide range of tools to keep track of important events and history. Identify outlying patterns and incidents, and prepare them for sharing or review.

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Solink Product Clips Badge


Snip a clip for later review. Easily share a clip with staff or authorities.

Solink Product Flags Badge


Mark moments and transactions while searching for patterns or issues.

Solink Operations Filters Badge


Dive right into the data that matters most to you with specific searches that are always updating.

Look deeper and work smarter with Solink at the helm.

Be proactive by making use of our insight features; take a deep dive into revenue, alerts, and speed of service. Solink informs your business decisions from staffing to service to security.

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Solink Product Digest Badge

Daily Digest

Solink gathers any unusual events + your day's sales and figures, and provides you with a daily summary.

Solink Operations Histogram Badge


An agile analysis of revenue, motion, and events based on day, month, or year.

Solink Operations Discover Dash Badge

Discover Dashboard

A graphic view of your revenue broken down by store, staff, or transaction size. Seek and remedy outliers with ease.

Solink is all about connection.

Connection with us, connection with your team—it’s all a vital part of being the hub of your connected business. Solink acts as the hub connecting all your systems and people.

Solink Loss Prevention Simple Sharing Badge

Simple Sharing

Send a clip of video and data to managers or authorities without having to share login info.

Solink Product Healthcheck Badge

Health Check

Proactively informs you of system outages or cameras down.

Live Chat Badge

Live Chat

Our team is available to you 24/7. Chat live with a real human anytime you need.

Solink Advanced Solutions for our advanced users.

Your team needs advanced tools to deal with the demands of your company. Our Solink Advanced Solutions offer a hub for your loss prevention, operations, and security activities.

Exception Based Badge

Exception-Based Reporting

Our exception-based reporting (EBR) tool analyzes your data and identifies peaks and valleys in revenue, speed of service, and transactions.

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Case Management Badge

Case Management

Our CMS acts as the digital backbone to your investigations, organizing and centralizing auditable evidence.

About our CMS
Audit Badge

Audit Tool

Our audit tool uses our realtime, synchronous video + POS tech to give you remote visibility into operations.

About our Audit Tool

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