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Accelerate Health & Safety Spot Checks and Audits with Camera Groups

Given the current circumstances, ensuring staff are in compliance with health and safety regulations is critical to avoiding fines and reducing community transmission.

Instead of having to manually select each security camera for review, with Solink, users can save time and organize related cameras for quick and easy access in a single group (i.e. Kitchen Cameras, Front House Cameras, Office Cameras, etc).

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Increase Drive-Thru Traffic Insight with HME Integration

With many restaurants shifting their operations to eliminate dine-in options due to social distancing, the drive-thru has become the key revenue stream for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operators.

With Solink’s HME zoom timer integration, you can capture key drive-thru metrics (such as time spent at window, greeting delay, time in queue, and more). These are matched with video analytics and POS system data to gain more insight into drive-thru orders. This helps operators make better business decisions, whether it is improving employee training or streamlining processes for faster customer service.

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Get the Most out of your Security Camera System with Motion Alerts

Ensuring the security of a site during closures or prolonged off-hours is even more critical given recent events. Solink goes a step further by leveraging your existing video camera system to detect motion in more crime-prone areas (i.e. windows, entrances, exits, offices) and automatically notifies you via email or on your mobile phone. Not only does this provide extra peace of mind and security, but it’s an approach that makes use of your existing environment – no need for new systems which can lead to increased complexity and cost.

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Available Anywhere – Web, Mobile, or AppleTV

Solink is available 24/7 on the web and your mobile devices (Android / iOS) giving you access to your business from anywhere. Our AppleTV app also allows you to monitor all of your locations from the comfort of your living room.

Protect Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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