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Sync your video security camera system and POS system data to catch problems before you even know they are happening.

What is Solink? - Video.
What is Solink?
Solink Demo: Solink Overview - Video.
Solink Demo: Solink Overview
Solink Heatmaps - Video.
Solink Heatmaps
Solink Motion Search - Video.
Solink Motion Search
Solink Data Dashboards - Video.
Solink Data Dashboards
Solink Simple Search - Video.
Solink Simple Search

Solink has the tools you need to grow your business.

Cloud based Video Surveillance

Integrate with new or existing security cameras to provide access to your business, anywhere, anytime.

  • Accessible on any browser or mobile device (Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV)
  • Works with any camera including your existing cameras (Analog or IP)
  • Easily share and collaborate with peers and law enforcement with the share feature
  • Search through surveillance video with ease. View motion, people, vehicle, etc.
  • Access to features like video analytics and floorplans
  • Retain and store evidence securely for investigations
  • 360 cameras / pan–tilt–zoom camera (digital PTZ) available
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year customer support in 2 mins of less
Solink cloud management video surveillance system integrations and features.
Cloud video integrations

Easily integrates with existing POS systems and security cameras to save you time and money

  • Integrate the data from your existing solutions – Over 200 integration partners (POS, Alarm Panels, Access Control, and more)
  • Search for any transaction and view the corresponding video surveillance footage
  • Measure results and KPIs through custom reports and dashboards
  • Take action with real-time notifications when thresholds are met
  • Ensuring your data is kept secure and private
Solink cloud management video surveillance system integration with POS, security camera and other features.
Solink Hardware Partners

Expert Customer Support who can recommend the right hardware based on your needs

  • Flexible off-the-shelf hardware partners to accommodate any environment from a data-center, small business, financial institution to a food-truck
  • Custom storage retention to meet individual needs (30 days to 365 days)
  • Support for four to hundreds of security cameras on-site
  • Backup storage using RAID or Cloud
  • NDAA compliant devices
  • Cybersecurity standard are met, including the physical isolation of cameras
Remote monitoring footage of multiple brick and mortar locations.
Cloud/Device Management

Powerful management of cameras, device, network, and data

  • Maintaining SOC-2 Compliancy
  • Automatic cameras detection and notification of offline or obstructed devices
  • Manage retention, resolution, and quality of surveillance camera streams
  • Ensure efficient video viewing with custom bandwidth options.
  • Access control available for individual roles and permissions
  • Backup and retain video in the cloud for insurance, training, compliance or evidence collection purposes
  • Manage all your locations/customers through a single Dashboard
Solink cloud video surveillance system integration with video analytics, POS system, security camera system.

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