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Sync your video security camera system and POS system data to catch problems before you even know they are happening.

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Save hours sifting through video to find what your looking for in seconds with motion search in our self-guided tour.

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Cloud based Video Surveillance

Integrate with new or existing security cameras to provide access to your business, anywhere, anytime.

  • Accessible on any browser or mobile device (Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV)
  • Works with any camera including your existing cameras (Analog or IP)
  • Easily share and collaborate with peers and law enforcement with the share feature
  • Search through surveillance video with ease. View motion, people, vehicle, etc.
  • Access to features like video analytics and floorplans
  • Retain and store evidence securely for investigations
  • 360 cameras / pan–tilt–zoom camera (digital PTZ) available
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year customer support in 2 mins or less
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Cloud video integrations

Easily integrates with existing POS systems and security cameras to save you time and money

  • Integrate the data from your existing solutions – Over 200 integration partners (POS, Alarm Panels, Access Control, and more)
  • Search for any transaction and view the corresponding video surveillance footage
  • Measure results and KPIs through custom reports and dashboards
  • Threshold Notifications proactively notifies you (via email or SMS ) when key metrics are not where they should be, finding the source of the problem fast.
  • Ensuring your data is kept secure and private
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Blocked Exit Detection

Proactively detect and address exit route obstructions.

  • Near real-time exit route obstruction detection of objects blocking exits
  • Easy set up: define the region of interest and set the interval time to check for obstructions
  • SMS, email and push notifications when exit route obstructions are detected
  • No specialized equipment required
  • Reduce or eliminate fines from occupational health and safety organizations such as OSHA
  • Improve safety for staff and customers
Solink Blocked Exit detection uses advanced AI to keep your employees safe and prevent expensive OSHA fines.
Camera Linking
  • Camera Linking AI detects motion patterns across cameras and creates associations
  • No configuration or floor plan mapping necessary
  • Automatically adapts as cameras are added or re-positioned
  • Add, remove, or modify links manually if necessary
Solink Hardware Partners

Expert Customer Support who can recommend the right hardware based on your needs

  • Flexible off-the-shelf hardware partners to accommodate any environment from a data-center, small business, financial institution to a food-truck
  • Custom storage retention to meet individual needs (30 days to 365 days)
  • Support for four to hundreds of security cameras on-site
  • Backup storage using RAID or Cloud
  • NDAA compliant devices 
  • Cybersecurity standard are met, including the physical isolation of cameras
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Cloud/Device Management

Powerful management of cameras, device, network, and data

  • Maintaining SOC-2 Compliancy 
  • Automatic cameras detection and notification of offline or obstructed devices
  • Manage retention, resolution, and quality of surveillance camera streams
  • Ensure efficient video viewing with custom bandwidth options. 
  • Access control available for individual roles and permissions
  • Backup and retain video in the cloud for insurance, training, compliance or evidence collection purposes
  • Manage all your locations/customers through a single Dashboard
A cloud with a camera and other devices.
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