Case Management

Solink keeps your team organized and in action.

As the hub of your business operations, Solink offers a case management platform that operates in step with Solink’s core features. Coordinating the many files and facets of a case can get messy, especially if your team is spread out. Our case management platform is an added feature for our clients with larger teams, who need to know they've got reliable notes and files that are completely auditable.

Manage clips, data, and access easily.

All video clips, POS transactions, and other connected system data that you need can be filed independent of your regular Solink login—access roles are easy to manage, and it’s fast and seamless to share evidence with authorities. Rely on Solink reports to catch broader trends within your business that could be signs of risk.

Solink Case Managment Clips

Keep your workflow moving.

Using Solink’s case management system makes it easier to adhere to a consistent investigation process. Alerts ensure that deadlines don’t fall through the cracks. It's never been easier to support your team's momentum.

Solink Case Managment Workflow

Auditable cases ready for use.

Maintain a timestamped and tamper-proof case file with a full audit of usage that is admissible in court. Ensure your team’s hard work is effective and audit-ready at every stage of the investigation.

Solink Case Managment Auditable

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