The future is smart video.

Transform your traditional video--the future of video is smart.

There is nothing like having total visibility into your business. Solink is taking an old technology—video—and transforming what it can do for you. Video doesn't have to be a drain on time and resources; with Solink as the hub that filters through footage and data, your video becomes an unparalleled intelligence tool that actually saves time.

Link data to moments for the clearest picture.

Solink can align any data point from a connected system on site directly to your video. Point of sale transactions, employee logins, door key codes—all this data can give you the full picture when linked with video in perfect sync. Context is everything and Solink gives you this clarity without the misery of searching through gigs of footage.

Solink Video Link Data

Activity Alerts

Determine specific cameras or sectors of a camera view to monitor 24/7 for motion. Analyze heatmaps that help determine areas of activity or dead zones on the sales floor. All these key moments are summarized in your daily email digest, making it easy to identify patterns of concern or a major incident.

Solink Video Motion Alerts

Motion Select

Searching through historical footage is no longer a nightmare. Solink’s Motion Select feature allows you to colour in a segment of any camera view, then highlights any motion on a visual timeline. Investigate with ease on a color-coded timeline of activity for a door opening, a purse getting moved, or a safe being opened.

Solink Video Motion Select

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