17 best security and loss prevention magazines, podcasts, and newsletters

February 3, 2023

Security and loss prevention are rapidly developing fields. The threats today are greater, but thankfully the tools and strategies companies can deploy are also greater. However, if you don’t keep up with the latest security and loss prevention news, then you might not be aware of all the advances being made in the field. Here’s a list of some high-quality security and loss prevention magazines, podcasts, and newsletters. Consider subscribing to some or all of these great resources to keep on top of what is happening in the field.

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Two things are changing in the fields of security and loss prevention: the threats and the tools. The pace of change necessitates ongoing research.

If you do not understand the threats faced by your organization, then it is unlikely that you will have appropriate security measures in place. Similarly, if you don’t keep up to date with the new tools available to security and loss prevention professionals, then it is unlikely that your security system is as strong as it could be.


The security and loss prevention media listed here will help you maintain a high level of knowledge of security issues affecting businesses. The increased threat level today means that security and loss prevention professionals are busier than ever.

However, taking the time to read a few newsletters or listen to a podcast might save you time in the long run. Indeed, the new tools and strategies covered in these publications can save you time and money while providing enhanced security. That alone makes it worth the time investment to read a loss prevention newsletter everyday.

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How to find great security and loss prevention magazines, podcasts, and newsletters

It can be hard to find security and loss prevention media. There are a lot of options out there, and we want you to see as many as possible. Consider reading the latest edition from several of these security and loss prevention magazines, and then choose the ones you like.

Aside from a few famous magazines and newsletters, there are some lesser known gems worth trying. As for security and loss prevention podcasts, they are gaining in popularity. A few of the bigger magazines now have accompanying podcasts, while some other podcast-only groups have also appeared.

(If you manage a security or loss prevention magazine, podcast, or newsletter and don’t see it on this list, please contact Timothy Ware, Solink’s Content Manager, to have it added.)

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9 best security and loss prevention magazines

Here are some of the best security and loss prevention magazines available today. Most of these magazines have both print and online editions. Many of them also have newsletters and podcasts available. Here are nine of the best security and loss prevention magazines.


About: Security magazine is a great source of security industry news. They provide information on the trends in cybersecurity, physical security, and related fields. Note that, to access their online magazine, you’ll need to create an account. The account is free, and their magazine and related media (podcasts and newsletters) are worth signing up for.

Interesting example article: Striking the Balance: How ‘Visible’ Should Campus Security Be?. Just like schools, campuses need to strike a balance between safety and the learning environment. The question is: How do you ensure your security system is useful as a deterrent and students know how to access campus security while also allowing all security infrastructure to blend into the background to maintain a learning environment? We recommend campus security teams work on digital visibility through a strong website while using cameras and video analytics to replace patrolling security officers as much as possible in our article on campus security systems.


About: Security Today discusses cybersecurity, campus security, government security, and retail security. They also discuss interesting technologies and tools related to these security fields. Security Today publishes several related magazines, newsletters, and a podcast. They are also involved in ISC West, publishing specific media for the event.

Interesting example article: A Business Owner’s Demand. This article discusses the quick movement towards higher quality cameras in retail and commercial environments. This is a trend that Solink has also noticed, which is why we recently created a new integration with Hanwha to incorporate their advanced camera AI capabilities into the Solink platform.


About: ASIS is an international community of security practitioners. Members include public and private security professionals at every career level. Their online magazine, therefore, includes information pertinent to every field of security.

Interesting example article: A Colorado School District Listens for Lockdowns. Schools and campuses are looking for heightened security. In addition to active shooter events, vandalism, bullying, and parking lot smash-and-grabs are common school security concerns. Video surveillance is a popular addition to the school security system today. It is unobtrusive, which keeps the learning environment free from distractions.


About: SDM Magazine has been providing management and technical professionals with security news since 1971. In addition to their magazine, SDM offers live events, webinars, and other related security media.

Interesting example article: State of the Market: Access Control. Access control has seen the rate of adoption increase during the pandemic. More companies are interested in adding access control to their business locations for added security. Those with access control are looking to upgrade their technology, especially with an eye towards integratable solutions. Indeed, Solink has found that integrations, such as POS and video surveillance, bring about cost savings, time savings, and better security.


About: LP Magazine (LPM) has focused on retail security since its founding in 2001. They provide news, information, and educational materials for loss prevention/asset management professionals. LPM also hosts one of the most listened to loss prevention podcasts.

Interesting example article: What the Research Says About the State of Organized Retail Crime. The research looking at organized retail crime (ORC) is conflicting. That’s partially because every publication seems to be using a separate definition for ORC. However, what seems to be clear is that ORC is increasing, and the percentage of loss attributable to ORC is likely underestimated. When looking at your loss prevention system, be sure to keep ORC front of mind.


About: International Security Journal (ISJ) is a UK-based security magazine. However, their large readership is global in nature, and they discuss issues important to companies and security professionals around the world.

Interesting example article: Simplify Security Operations (pg. 14). As companies see their “security stack” get deeper with new hardware and software being added, simplification becomes an obvious goal. One way to help simplify your business security system is to integrate all your data sources. Then, a single platform can provide you with all the information you need to make informed security and loss prevention decisions.


About: LP Magazine Europe focuses on loss prevention news across Europe. They offer print and online versions of their magazine, which discusses retail security and loss prevention topics.

Interesting example article: Need not Greed. With high inflation and a technical recession, it is not surprising that more shoplifters seem to be doing so out of “need” as opposed to “greed.” Food theft is on the rise, with grocers being especially targeted. It’s a good time to get a refresher on how to spot a shoplifter to stop such thefts. One of the best things to do is employ video analytics to scan transactions or motion so theft incidents can be found quickly.


About: Professional Security Magazine is a UK-based security media company. They report the latest news and opinions of the security industry. Professional Security Magazine also offers an iPhone app and news videos.

Interesting example article: Abbey is anything but cloistered. This article goes into depth on how the famous Westminster Abbey is improving their security measures. Remaining open to the public while keeping everyone safe is a major challenge for all churches. Historical churches and those with priceless artwork have added challenges, but vandalism, theft, and the risk for violence are shared across all religious organizations and places of worship. Proper church security planning is a growing concern in North America as well as Europe.


About: Canadian Security Magazine is a quarterly security magazine focused on the Canadian security industry. They cater to life safety managers, property managers, cybersecurity managers. There’s also helpful information on the vendors and integrators working with security and loss prevention professionals.

Interesting example article: Innovation in Overdrive (pg. 5). Video analytics has become the standard in surveillance. As leaders focus on reducing costs, using tools to improve the efficiency of loss prevention and security professionals will gain in popularity. Video analytics has become an essential data analytics capability.

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6 best security and loss prevention podcasts

Many of the security and loss prevention magazines mentioned above also have a podcast. This is great news as just two years ago there were almost no podcasts available on the topics of loss prevention and security. Here are five of the best security and loss prevention podcasts you should consider listening to.

Solink in the cloud

About: Solink’s mission is to protect people, places, and profits, which is why we are bringing together thought leaders within the loss prevention, asset protection, and retail security industry. We want to show our appreciation to those moving the industry forward, while providing a platform to share the knowledge they have with others to collectively protect the retail industry. Solink is a cloud-first video surveillance as a service company (VSaaS). We help businesses get more out of their security cameras.

Interesting example episode: Episode 1 with guest Jesse Stanley. Cathy Langley, Senior Leader of Asset Protection at Solink, is the host. She is speaking with Jesse Stanley, Founder and Principal of Strongside Principles. Jesse has held senior positions within the asset protection and security divisions of international brands such as Lowe’s and Walt Disney Resort. He discusses disruptive behavior.

lpm-podcast -logo

About: The Loss Prevention Magazine (LPM) podcast is probably the most listened to loss prevention, asset protection, and/or security podcast today. As can be guessed by the name, it comes from the same group as Loss Prevention Magazine.

Interesting example episode: APR 18, 2022 Role of the Retail Council of Canada with Rui Rodrigues | Ep. 76. Rui Rodrigues shares insights from a very long career as a loss prevention executive. He discusses the rise of organized retail crime (ORC) and how retailers, law enforcement, and government can and do work together to face this new threat.


About: Amber Bradley, the Executive Director of Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (RLPSA) and the Owner & Brand Strategist of Calibration Group Inc, hosts TalkLP. TalkLP discusses the challenges of modern loss prevention and asset protection in the age of technological change and the rising threat of organized retail crime (ORC).

Interesting example episode: Managing Outliers to Make an Impact. Ken Peschier, Vice President of Asset Protection for Dollar General, discusses how he uses data to maximize the productivity of his labor force by focusing on outliers. He has a bottom approach to reducing shrink, where he sees operational excellence as a precursor to good loss prevention management at the store level. Exception-based reporting is a great tool to find the stores that need operational improvement so you can focus your measures where the ROI will be highest first.


About: TT Live is designed similar to a college course. Each series is on a specific topic, and then the individual episodes explore those topics in depth. This makes it particularly informative for people new to loss prevention and asset management.

Interesting example episode: Series 2 (Supply Chain Security threats) Episode 5 (Insider Threat). During many supply chain thefts, the evidence points to an insider. Employee theft comes down to rationalization, opportunity, and motivation. This is commonly referred to as the employee theft triangle, and by understanding the psychology of employee theft, loss prevention and asset protection leaders can focus on the right measures.


About: LP Solutions Podcast is hosted by Christopher McGourty, an organized retail crime (ORC) expert, and Don Carr, a security consultant. They explore the worlds of ORC, security, and law enforcement. LP Solutions Podcast episodes are only 15 to 20 minutes long, which makes them an easy entry point into security and loss prevention podcast listening for busy professionals.


About: CrimeScience is an interesting way to explore the loss prevention industry. Dr. Read Hayes, Director of the LPRC (Loss Prevention Research Council), and Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy and Information Security Officer at CONTROLTEK, as the hosts of LRPC CrimeScience discuss topics related to security, loss prevention, and asset management with industry experts.

Interesting example episode: CrimeScience Weekly Episode 114. The hosts discuss several interesting topics related to COVID-19 mutations and monkeypox. While it is too early to tell what will happen in the coming months, after over two years of experience, retailers are more prepared for pandemic-related issues than they were in 2019. People counting technology can help if closures or capacity limits are again put in place. However, they can also help you understand conversion rates, the average value of a visitor, and other business intelligence data today.

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2 best security and loss prevention newsletters

If your only time to keep up to date on the trends in loss prevention and security is while eating lunch, then a newsletter might be for you. Newsletters pack a lot of information into bullet points and digestible segments that are perfect for some lunchtime browsing. Here are two security and loss prevention newsletters that deliver the industry news to your inbox.


About: D&D Daily is one of the biggest loss prevention, security, and asset protection newsletters available today. According to their website, they offer leadership articles, retail news, emerging technologies, loss prevention/asset protection (LP/AP) performance stories, white collar crime, organized retail crime (ORC), robbery and cybercrime incidents, exclusive crime reports and data, the latest jobs and appointments, and real-time trends and incidents. Their writing style and release schedule is designed to be informative and quick to read.

Interesting example newsletter: June 14th edition. This edition of the D&D Daily newsletter discusses the rising cost of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) penalties. Labor shortages can lead to stores violating OSHA regulations. One way to reduce the likelihood of million-dollar OSHA fines is to implement remote video monitoring. Setting up alerts to proactively audit locations means keeping employees safe and reducing the possibility of OSHA fines.


About: Hayes International works with retail, industrial, distribution, and manufacturing companies to improve profitability by risk management and reduced inventory shrinkage. Their newsletters share tips, stories, and interesting statistics with loss prevention professionals.

Interesting example newsletter edition: July 18th, 2022. While shoplifting and employee theft are on the rise, modern technology means the recovery of stolen assets has also increased. In fact, in 2021, inventory recoveries were up almost 31%. This edition provides loads of related statistics to give loss prevention professionals an idea of the scale of the problem today and some optimism about the trend towards controlling this issue. Here are 13 ways you can prevent employee theft and drive inventory recoveries even higher next year.

Great security and loss prevention require knowledge as well as tools

Loss prevention and security professionals are busy. However, you can’t get wrapped up in the daily struggles against shrinkage and lose track of the big picture. Indeed, the threats to your enterprise are growing and changing by the day.

One way to prevent this is to keep one eye on the newest trends in retail crime, especially organized retail crime (ORC). That way you can keep adapting your loss prevention systems to face these new challenges.

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