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Fisheye camera

Fisheye cameras, sometimes called 360 cameras, have ultra-wide lenses, giving the user a complete 360° by 180° view.

What is a fisheye camera?

Fisheye cameras use ultra-wide lenses to provide a complete view of an entire area. They are sometimes referred to as 360 cameras because they provide a 360° by 180° view of an area.

Fisheye security cameras can provide complete coverage of an open area, often replacing four to six standard security cameras. However, the image can be highly distorted when viewed on a flat screen, reducing their security value. Solink solves this problem with modern video game technology. The Solink platform stretches the image out, giving a fully immersive view of the area.

Fisheye camera lenses are usually protected by a dome, which is an excellent anti-vandalism measure. It makes it difficult to tamper with the camera, and because of the wide field of view, it is difficult to deface the camera without being in the camera’s view beforehand. They are also usually mounted on a ceiling, out of the reach of people looking to damage them.

Fisheye cameras come in high definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) versions. There are also 4K and higher versions for higher security needs.

Some models of fisheye cameras also include other functionalities, such as night vision, audio recording, and removable SD memory cards.

Why are fisheye cameras important?

Fisheye cameras are important security tools because they can cover large areas with a single camera, reducing the number of cameras that need to be purchased and the amount of Ethernet cabling required.

While fisheye security cameras are more expensive than typical dome or bullet security cameras, by replacing four to six other cameras and requiring a simpler installation they usually save businesses money.

Solink allows you to view fisheye camera feeds in several ways. You can view the original, distorted video feed. The feed can be split into multiple images to mimic the view of several cameras in an area. Finally, using modern video gaming technology, the Solink platform can provide a full immersive view, mimicking the feeling of being in the middle of the covered area.

Because there are so many varieties of cameras, choosing the right one is important.
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